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I had a weird thought on this, but I wonder if it'll have a general "best friend" ending. Like, not going for a romance and just be the best friend possible to everyone (and maybe resolve some issues like Kouya and Tora's constant bickering).

super awesome game once again. sending good vibes to stormsinger dev team! 

I cant download the game is something wrong with where it's stored?

hope you all have a great day or smt cause you guys def makes my day! My first VN game 😭 so much memories 😭 every char have their unique personality and their charms 😭 really looking forward for Tora cause he is my NO.1 from the OG game (sr for my bad english)

I really hope we can get an update to this project soon! 


Hope to hear more from y'all

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I can't find the shin route guide and I can't find anything on the storm studios page, any help pls


Not too long ago, an hour tops, I was riding the bus home, and suddenly I had a craving to visit Minasato village.


it's absolutely Amazing, i'm loving playing the game and i can't wait for more updates

i'm sure will help the project when my life gets a little better

i'm from Brazil and i'm loving Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~

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Thanks for all of your hard work! I've been waiting for a complete version of this for YEARS and the crew at Stormsinger has been doing a fantastic job! I've played a lot of VNs but for some reason, Morenatsu hits different. I can't wait to experience all of this beautiful story.


I want the development team to know this is an amazing work and I'm so glad you've kept working on it this whole time. You guys are immensely talented and I'm in love with what you've made. I can't wait to see the completed product and I believe in you guys! 

When I replay an event in the gallery, I always lose the affection feature and I can't get it back even in normal playthroughs. Is it a bug?


It is a bug, often caused by returning to the main menu before the event finishes. For the time being, try watching another event to its completion. When it returns to the main menu normally, it should reactivate the flag which summons the affection feature. In a future build, I'm hoping for it to be fixed.

Thank you!


can we get a progress check, or an estimate on when build 13 will be released? I'm too excited to wait! シ


Well, they work on this game for free, while working on the game that ACTUALLY give them money to work on. So we should just be glad they found an artist who is kind enough to donate his art for this project OR that they have the spare money to invest in the project because Art is expensive especially good art, good music, etc. So I'm not complaining, I'm gladly gonna wait for months, even years as long as they keep updating the discord every now and then saying that they are working on it slowly or not. 

Just remember it's very, very hard to make a visual novel, and work on one for free, and give quality work like they are doing? We should be forever grateful. 


Yes, I have previously read the information on their page and I understand that the artists and the writers of this VN are volunteers. I'm extremely grateful that this VN has continued for such a long time. Though I never intended to incite the developers to "hurry up", I wanted to know if any progress has been made. I hope you understand. Good luck!!!

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they didnt do anything wrong by asking for a progress check. You wrote a condescending novel over literally nothing. You seem like a complete nightmare and no one cares that youre such a wet blanket, you would wait obediently for years without asking for a simple update and chastise people that do. As an artist myself, I would be embarrassed if someone tried to simp for me this hard. Get a life.


Hey dude, chill. I see where you're coming from, but there's a right way and a wrong way to provide feedback.

That said, I'm afraid the only update I can provide at the moment is I've managed to make quite a few changes to the back-end, and have completed the expansion of Kyouji and Soutarou's camping trip event (it was a bit lacking in the last update, and Lesli had actually written an event for that day, but it went unnoticed by all of us, oops!) All that we're waiting on for build 13 is for Kyouji's content to be coded in (the story itself is already fully written) and for any other sprite or CG updates. However, those are for Dzahn and Devilizer, and with both of them being busy, not to mention Dev being our sole artist at this current point in time, it's making it a bit difficult for them to find time.

I myself am eagerly awaiting the public release of build 13, because I'm not only keen to see what people think of the new content, but also because I actually have big plans. All I can say is that I appreciate everyone's patience.

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Hi! I can see where you're coming from, but it's a shame they're busy. As another fellow artist, I can completely relate to the schedule issues. Though, it's also nice to know this project hasn't been abandoned lol. Honestly, I haven't looked at it in a couple of months, so I forgot to check (T^T). Please, take your time for this VN, no rush!

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really enjoying this vn so far!! do we know when to expect the next update? and which route is going to be completed next? my favourite so far is Tarou, cant wait for more of him! ;3

does anybody have a guide on how to get the ten kodori route?

Have to get Juuichi bad ending i believe


Is there any chance we have the OST from OG Morenatsu? The music was so beautiful and nostalgic.


The chances of that happening are less than 0%. While we have used the OG Morenatsu theme as a motif for some tracks, we will not be using any of the original tracks.


It's alright, it would be nice if we could have them at the Gallery at least. So nostalgic.


As I DO think the Morenatsu characters were released to the public domain, the music probably belongs to someone else, so it would be wise to AVOID any legal stuff especially for a fan-project that raises no money at all.

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Is there going to be sex scene/ Naked scene on the VN?


Idk but I hope so!!

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If you're talking about CGs, they will be implemented later.

As far as story goes, so far only Juuichi, Kounosuke, Shin and Tatsuki have sex scenes.

by any chance is there a button that will play the game on auto?

any route guides to access juuichi route? any tips?

played the games and ended up with torahiko's route 😩

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Did you successfully do the quick-time event to wakeup for the fireflies scene with Juuichi? If you fail to wakeup in time for it and get the phone call from him instead, you are completely locked out of the route.

I heard bonus routes are not gonna happen? Is that true or are the devs gonna finish the game first? 


They already have a bonus route for Ten Kodori in the game, so they're clearly not completely opposed to them.


Hehe, I remember when we decided to actually implement the Ten route into Homecoming. The amount of times I had to say "No, we're not bringing it back..." while the whole time I was internally like "I'm bringing it back, and improving the writing."

As for if we're planning on implementing others, at this point in time, no (truthfully)...although I do have other things planned for the future.

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You could probably base a whole spinoff on Hiroyuki going to work with the Midoriya Carpenter's Guild. The amount of thirst I've seen for some of those characters is unreal. 

I know you said you're keeping the nude sprites without any bits to maintain a normalized average size, but are there any plans to have them in the gallery? Or for that matter, just having a sprite viewer with all the various costumes in general?

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Deleted 7 days ago

I'm really in love with this game! I first found this one on the Apple store and just today had to go check out the original. Love how there's much the same as the original, but much is also new and improved! (I will admit I like this version better) I hope Tora gets a revised and better ending tbh... the original end was kinda bland (odd for what's supposed to be the "canon" relationship).


I like how the artsyle seems quite modern yet pays respect to the old artstyle. I'm probably gonna play this after I finish the original.

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Yeah, picked that one up after build 12's release. It's already fixed for the next build.

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Let's see they make about two releases in one year. Each release have about two to three parts. I guess it will be 2-3 years until they complete it


I've downloaded the latest update but juiichi still only goes to day 15 before it says End of Demo? Can anyone help please?

Is there a way to hide the text box on mobile? I know there is on desktop, at least.


Have you found passwords in the game yet? I myself have not found :(


Anyone know where I can find route guides? Thanks in advance.


When you finish a route you get access to its guide in the gallery

ah okok thanks again


Can I use the benefits of guides in the game even though I am using App Store version? 


Yes. I made sure the guides work in-game in the mobile builds as well.


nice!!! But how can I get them ? Are they free? Or should I be come a patreon? And thanks for answering , been waiting for it 

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I have to play all again after this update? Or how do i load my save to newer version? And what is that option where you can place passwords? Where i can find them? Patreon?

You unlock passwords as you go through the routes I believe

guys , where can I find the guides for this game? Because I read that the studios have it in there website but I can’t find it 

Is this final?


Development log


Hello! May I ask? 

Will Ten kodori gonna have a bonus route in the game I just wanna know if he's gonna have a bonus route cause if juuchi gonna reject hiroyuki then hiroyuki is gonna choose ten kodori because when I read the other morenatsu novel I can see after juuchi reject hiroyuki after that when he goes to the shrine he saw shun and ten and after he was done praying he keeps thinking about juuchi but he ignore him in he mind after that shun and ten walk hiroyuki home and after shun leave ten kodori stay for a little and talk to hiroyuki and talk that he was very good friend to shun after the conversation of hiroyuki ten kodori leaves after leaving ten kodori feels that he have feeling for hiroyuki and the last part they became lover that the bonus route

Sorry for this I just wanna know if ten kodori gonna have a bonus route Im very sorry! 

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If I recall correctly, they actually have a bonus route for Ten in the game. Getting it requires you to get one of the bad endings for Juuichi first.

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аплодисменты. 👏

Прошу прощения, в этот момент я искал утешения после нахлеста эмоций от данной новеллы, встретил его в этом отрывке песни и решил поделиться 

оу, ничего. 

а я подумал, что это стихотворение, написанное вами. х)

Ох, мне приятно что вы так подумали, но нет это не мое искусство. Возможно в недалёком будущем я этому делу посвящу время. Некоторые из моих друзей уже занимаются написанием своих стихотворений.

How's progress going on the new update cuz I'm excited


Progress is slowly coming along. A lot is being adjusted for this coming build, but at the same time, real life has been causing a few slowdowns. However, when the next build comes out, I'm certain people will enjoy.


Take your time! Slow steps does the job! Im looking forward to this upcoming update!!!


wait are there any fully done routes or are they all in development 


Tatsuki, Juuichi, and Shin are done. I believe this update is taking awhile because they were working on Kounosuke next, and they completely reworked his route. They have a link under the heading "Project Development Status" with a spreadsheet showing the most progress of each route. 

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