A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"It's been five years since I've seen my hometown. What if they don't remember me? What if everyone's moved on?"

In Homecoming, you take on the role of a young Japanese snow fox named Hiroyuki Nishimura. After moving away from your hometown Minasato to Osaka five years ago, you receive an unexpected letter from an old friend inviting you back for one last summer vacation before starting your senior year of high school. What complicates things is how you've neglected to contact any of your friends over the years. Although nervous, you accept the invitation.

What awaits you back in Minasato? Will you be welcomed with open arms, or has it been so long that everyone has forgotten about you? Will this be yet another wasted summer, or will you finally have the chance to experience what makes life worth living?


Homecoming is a visual novel about nostalgia, romance, living life to the fullest, reconnecting with old friends, and learning to face your demons, all wrapped up in the cute Japanese kemono aesthetic. The game Homecoming is based on, Morenatsu, is considered to be one of the classic entries in furry culture. Although it was cancelled in 2015, dedicated fans have continued to keep its legacy alive through fanworks such as this. While rough around the edges, the original game captured many hearts, including the members of the Stormsinger Studios development team. We aim to create the best visual novel we can make, doing justice to the source material that has inspired so many like us.


NSFW Warning!

 The game is intended for mature audiences! Explicit scenes and images featuring same-sex romances can be found throughout the game. Please do not download if you are under the age of 18!


Our Public Discord Channel!




Stormsinger Studios is not affiliated with Morenatsu Team. This is a fan remake and is not meant to be seen as a replacement for the original game. If you are interested in seeing the original, consider checking out the Revival team's Ren'py port.

Homecoming is a work in progress. All content within is subject to change and is not necessarily representative of the final product.

Some updates may require starting a new game to avoid game crashing bugs. Please understand this is a part of the development process and is something you agree to deal with when playing an early access product.


The Stormsinger Studios Team

Official Team Pages:
FA  Twitter   Blog

DzahnDragon - Studio Director
FA   Twitter
Devilizer - Art Director
Lesli-Chu!? - Composer
   Soundcloud   YouTube
Frostclaw - Homecoming Director
  Website   Twitter
HypoNova - Staff Artist and Musician

Homecoming is being developed using the Ren'Py engine.

Project Development Status

Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!

You can check the progress of the routes on this spreadsheet, that way you know ahead of time how far along your favorite character is in terms of development:

We hope you enjoy your stay in Minasato!


Homecoming (Demo 6.1) - Windows & Linux 378 MB
Homecoming (Demo 6.1) - Mac 360 MB
Homecoming (Demo 6.1) - Android 386 MB

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Was greatly saddened to not see the group photo at the beginning. 

Why Kouya doesn't have nipples? Seems strange...

Like to report a bug in Kouya's beach scene where you are talking to him and Shun and Shun's swinsuit is 1/3 of the way off his body and shows some skin, just reporting to fix it once you release Tatsuki and Shun's scenes.

Thanks. The bug was reported within minutes after release, and I have since fixed it. This bug affected all beach events that showed Shun. It was just a simple fix of horizontally flipping the sprite for the swimmers. I can rest assured it will not be an issue for the next build.


Why can't I give you money? I want to give you money! :(
In all seriousness, Morenatsu Homecoming is like the sequel of Morenatsu that nobody expected. And like every younger project, it's supposed to exceed people's expectations, which it certainly did. This update clearly shows what visual novel creators are capable of when they put their mind behind it. 

I LOVE the new design, new UI, and especially the backgrounds! All in one gives the game a dream-like appearance, such a gorgeous artstyle too. I don't think I have to say more about character art, but I can at least confidently say, I'm getting used to those. No problem. Topping of with really good music, not too distracting and not too boring either.

Keep at it, for us~ TYSM

My Friend: Hey! Kyouji's Beach Routine! Is out! Wanna play it?!


Yes yes yes


lol hope you enjoyed it. :)

I do Enjoyed it! Thank you! Very much!

Glad to see progress <3 Is only Frost appointed to updating Morenatsu for now? I know you guys have Santa Lucia to focus on now. Still it was worth waiting. Keep up the good work :D

As far as Homecoming goes, I'm the one overseeing it, although Lesli has been helping me with the writing, and Devilizer and Nova are providing some sprites when they can. Dzahn also helps out with a few things when he gets time.

Glad you're liking it so far.


They are working on "Santa Lucia" now. But I really wanna see the next update of Homecoming...



Check out Frostclaw's twitter, he said the next update will be out in the next few days


New update is out now. :)

is the gallery sill under construction?? when i click on it, the only thing available is the music room and credits.

i love the game i have only played Juuichi route so far and loving it

The game is under construction. Makes sense for them to only make the gallery when all the assets are done for the game. They need to program how those asses are unlocked too you know? =O

true true, i figured they would working on it. i just wanted to make sure i wasn't having an error.

thank you for the reply

Yeah, those assets are likely going to be done much later on, as we're focusing on getting everything else done. The guides are definitely going to be one of the very last things, because of plot stuff. The afterword section could easily be added in, but I figured it would be best to wait until a bit later. Just think of the gallery as low priority for the time being.

Regardless, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.


when would the next update be?


As mentioned in the description, because of scheduling, plus the fact that we all have busy lives, we can't commit to a regular schedule. However, I am hoping to have the next update out by the end of this month. The next update only needs to have Kyouji's beach event completely coded, as well as some minor adjustments to Tora's beach event, and after some Quality Assurance, I'll be ready to release the next update.


Understanable. Dont overwork yourselves.


This game is perfect, I love his story, even, my favorite character is Soutarou (he's cute), anyway, I can't wait to see the new updates! I'm already promoting it to everyone!

Thank you so much for your support! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. To be completely honest, Soutarou is actually my favourite of the main cast to write for.

do you have a relationship map you could show us?

I do have a relationship map for what currently exists in the game. If you need a certain character's, please feel free to send me a message on Discord (Frostclaw#0548), or DM me on Twitter (@gcnofficial), and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do you get the Beach event for Soutarou?

If you haven't already been able to get it to show, feel free to send me a message on Discord (Frostclaw#0548) or DM me on Twitter (@gcnofficial), and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I can't believe you kept in THAT reference.

which one?

The "But for me, it was another Tuesday" line, which came from Street Fighter: The Movie.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey what's that about a special scene with Tarou? I have completed his route like five consecutive times and I don't think I got any special scene with him and I'm super curious about it

Edit: is the special scene related to a phonecall?

You need to be a patreon in order to get an answer from them I believe

Actually, we don't accept any monetary contributions for this project. It just boils down to me being a derp and not seeing the original comment.

@TheBlackBeltDemon, if you still haven't seen the special scene with Tarou (I'll give a hint, it involves ice-cream), just send me a DM on Discord, and I can provide you with a guide on what you need to do to access it. My handle is Frostclaw#0548.

(2 edits)

Wait what?! I can't spend the day at the beach with Tora? (´;д;`)

oh I see, thanks!


I recently played the original Morenatsu and I found Morenatsu Homecoming. I liked everything you did! You are going to add routes for all characters(Ten: ಥ╭╮ಥ) and you are going to add other languages to the game(I hope that the game will be Russian language, because I am from Russia🇷🇺), I was happy when I found out about all this! But I am a little afraid that we will wait for the game to be released for a very long time. It has been almost 2 years and only 1 act has ended. I think that the game will be released somewhere in 2022-2023

Sorry for my bad English (٥↼_↼)

Where did you find the original one?

Welcome! Am putting here a link to Revisited version: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27724434/

What's the difference between this version and Morenatsu Homecoming?

Ehm... Beside spirits and a little different story? We can actually say that in 60% its the same game. In Revisited you have only : Juuichi, Tatsuki, Shin, Torahiko (little ending), Ten Kodori routes. I can say the you should try it. Than you will notice other stuff! Hope that you will enjoy! 


He asked a link to the original Morenatsu, not Morenatsu Revisited ._.

Links to the original Morenatsu:

Windows 7: https://www.reddit.com/r/MorenatsuGame/comments/4pm6aw/morenatsu_download_guide/
Windows 10: https://www.reddit.com/r/MorenatsuGame/comments/i0v5in/morenatsu_windows_install...

Best way to play the original game is through the Morenatsu Revival Port. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25106013/

That way, you don't have to worry about installing any extra software or fiddle with your system settings.

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This is going to sound pathetic af but... the idea of finally playing Torahiko's route makes me wanna cry out of happiness and excitement!

Thank you very much for making Morenatsu Homecoming!! ❤

Hey:) I found out about the game yesterday and had to try it out (Cause i like Furry stuff and Visual Novels), and i really really liked all of it so far, all about the writing up to the interactions between the Characters and stuff. Though im sad that the demo ends after the beach event, i am really looking forward for the next updates and hope the game is finished soon. Thus said, thx and again for this beautiful game and pls let me know if i can support u guys somehow.

Sry for my bad english.

Greetings from Austria o/

Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s awesome that your introduction to Homecoming has been a good one. I agree that it is sad the demo ends after some of the beach events, but we’re still working on it.

As far as support goes, we aren’t accepting any support by way of payment. This is because the original Morenatsu was free, and since this is a retelling of an existing, albeit abandoned story, we feel that any profit made on this project would be in poor taste. Just knowing you’re happy with our work is support enough. :)

Also, your English wasn’t bad at all, and in fact, better than many native speakers. Heheh.


Oh really it would be nice to have a person to be added to this game named Isaac, I love that Idea, PLEASE add him.


... Stop writing this, it's annoying already. You're clogging up comments, and it's very bad

Stop it

Ehm... Everyone can wish for something, right? But in Homecoming person like "Isaac" won't appear 

That person is spamming this senseless comment and nobody likes it.

If he will spam more, than he will get a nice surprise called ~ban~. 

Heh, I spammed too, on Nekojishi's thread, but it wasn't for nothing. I commented under everyone's comment, who asked for an Android version that I found one. The NSFW patch aswell. 

(1 edit) (-9)

i was checking in and i see people want the name Isaac add to the game, can you do that, make him datable? Since the new update is at the beach make him appear there.


... Stop writing this, it's annoying already. You're clogging up comments, and it's very bad

Stop it


Yeah, add a character named Isaac that would be cool, I like that name too. Please.


... Stop writing this, it's annoying already. You're clogging up comments, and it's very bad

Stop it


I have question, can you add a character to the game named Isaac, please?

(1 edit) (+4)

I am going to leave these comments up for posterity.

Do NOT do this.
That goes for anyone who thinks making alt accounts to "pressure" us into doing something is a good idea.

That is all.


If I'm not mistaken, you have the option to delete these comments since you are a developer. Why don't you do it?

For posterity. It's to show people the kind of things we don't want to see posted here.

Any further comments alike to those will be deleted, and bans will be issued.

I would like to thank you for your continued support though, Walter. It means a lot. :)

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... Stop writing this, it's annoying already. You're clogging up comments, and it's very bad

Stop it

(1 edit)

Love the new update and hope you can keep them coming! I do have a quastion though? How do you get the special scene with soutarou? Are you like not supposed to interact with someone to unlock it?

I'd be more than happy to explain how to get the scene with Soutarou. However, to prevent spoilers, I would prefer to do it via private message. If you have Discord, feel free to contact me, and I will provide you with the choices you need to make.

OK, what is your username and tag? 


(4 edits) (+1)

Hello again! I played the latest version of the game and I liked it! But there are also things I didn't like

I liked:
1. I'm glad that Homecoming will have routes for all nine characters! I will remind that in the original game there were only 6 of them!
2. I liked that you decided to make the main character furry. I played in Revisited and there the main character was a human, I didn't like it very much...
Here's what I didn't like:
New Shun design... Maybe someone liked him, but I didn't

I would like the sprites to have more emotions and poses, like the original sprites did. Here is an example:

I wish you success and that you do not have any problems! I hope that updates will be released monthly :)
(I know that you not robot, but I would still like to see updates released monthly)

(Sorry if there are errors in the text. I'm sure there are here)

I almost forgot, I wanted to ask a question(sorry if I ask too many questions): why won't there be a route for Ten? I know that there won't be a route for him, but I still don't understand why. Can you explain this?


I Love The update but a question. Why are Toras uncles kinda in pencil.

Not a fully fledged game yet. Not only it's being made for free, art is expensive. They are placeholders, and we should be grateful for them.


They will get fully made sprites in the future, but for the time being, we're gonna be focusing mainly on the primary cast.

What are sprites?

I am kinda new to visual novels

Sprites are the artworks for game characters. However, I am not sure if it's a term meant for, in general, games or only visual novels.

Thanks ^^

(1 edit)

Love the new update so much, thank you guys for taking the time to give us another part in this masterpiece. Great work you guys ❤️

Thank you for your support. I appreciate your feedback and am glad you enjoy what we've produced thus far. <3

alright so once more i have to say this game is breathtaking, i've seen my fair share of furry visuals novels and this is by far if not the best so far, i only have a few in mind that could somewhat compete with this one but this one would still walk home with the win. My initial purpose of writing here is to ask if anybody would help me with the perfect Shin route, because I've tried plenty of combinations trying to get that special scene but i can't seem to do it. I do everything i can find to benefit Shin where possible but there's always no scene, any help would be exponentially helpful and much appreciated. oh and keep up the fabulous work.

Hi there. Thank you so much for your support. I'm glad you're enjoying what we've done so far. If you'd like some information regarding getting Shin's perfect route so far, feel free to DM me, and I'll get you a list of what needs to be done.

(2 edits) (+2)(-1)

Hi. I played Revisited and I loved it! It is a pity that there were only 3 routes(Ten's Route does not count)... So, I would like to ask 4 questions:

1. Routes will be for all characters (except Ten)?
2. I played around a bit and noticed that some characters only have one sprite(for example, Tatsuki). Will this change in the future?
3. Will the settings be the same as in Revisited? Would it be possible to select the main menu background, sprites, etc.
4. Will there be other languages in the game? I know English, but it is difficult for me to play visual novels in English(there is a lot of text and it is difficult for me to translate all this text). I would like to see Russian language in the game
(Sorry if there are errors in the text. English is not my native language)


пришла пора перевести игру, хе

(2 edits) (-1)

Лол, я сначала подумал то что переводчик сам включился, но нет. Оказывается я не один жду чтобы эту игру перевели на русский язык)

Если разработчики и будут переводить игру на разные языки, то это будет тогда, когда они уже закончат её разрабатывать, наверное...


Долго же ждать придется конца ее разработки :)

Админы, кстать, классные ребята. Если кто-то вызвался бы на перевод, думаю, согласились бы. Сейчас в дискорде по этому поводу вопрос задал :)

Ты там это, на сервак в дискорде заходи. Там новостей куча, плюс люди постоянно общаются. Может, что-то интересное увидишь

(1 edit) (-1)

Ну не знаю. Дискорд сжирает много трафика(я пользуюсь дискордом только в крайних случаях), и афкашить мне не хочется. Если разработчики ответят на вопрос с переводом игры, то напиши тогда их ответ пожалуйста, а то вдруг на мой комментарий не ответят(хотя это маловероятно)

И да, ты написал: "Будет ли русский язык в игре?" или "Будут ли в игре другие языки?". Просто интересно :}


Спросил, если у кого-либо появится желание, то возможно ли будет перевести игру на другой язык. Пока что не ответили, ждем


Hi there. Sorry for the delay in response.

1. Correct. All of the primary cast will have routes (the nine main husbands)

2. This will change in the future, for sure. I can't provide a proper timeframe for when this will be, but please rest assured that all characters are intended to have multiple sprites.

3. Unfortunately, no. There will be no assets from the original/Revisited version.

4. We are looking at translating to other languages in the future, but for the time being, we don't think it is wise to look at translations until the game is finished. This is because there are often moments where I have to go back and make slight adjustments, which would render translations invalid and premature. Russian is a language that I didn't expect to see a lot of request for, so once the project is complete, I will happily compile a script of the entire game's written content (including settings and button text), for someone to translate.

As for your English, I think you did quite well for someone who doesn't speak English natively, so congratulations.

I hope this vn will get an update every month :3 cuz its awesome and I really enjoy it😁😁😁

Thank you for your hard work ♡(> ਊ <)♡


Thank you so much for your support. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

I'm hoping to have each update be a monthly process, but I will be a lot more transparent and admit if I am having issues in the future. :)

(1 edit)

I just played this for the first time, and damn. Fantastic work all around. I'm loving the way everything progresses. I like that the days are somewhat linear and you are with multiple people a day instead of just doing one event like in the original, it makes everything feel more substantial and you get to know everyone a little better. Though I do have a couple questions.

Why is Shun's the only sprite who's changed so drastically? Everyone has the same look and outfit as in the original, except for Shun who's significantly different. 

And another commenter left a really, well, rude statement that I mostly disagree with; however, I think their concerns about the development speed are somewhat valid. 

Just to clarify, I'm not making a complaint about the long wait (I only just played it for the first time this update), just raising a concern about the novel's future. I know how much content is in the beach day and stuff, and how the pandemic affected everything, but a seven month wait between updates is sort of scary... I'm just worried it will never be finished, to put it bluntly. Do you guys have any predictions about the development speed in the future? Sorry if this comes off as rude, I'm just worried for the future of the game.


Thank you for your support. I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far.

To answer your question regarding Shun's sprite, this is because Shun was the character whom we felt really needed to be adjusted the most. None of us were fans of his original shota background, and although we felt he was cute, his original sprites only gave us feelings of loving him as sort of a younger brother. We decided instead to base him on his original, very early concept art, in which he actually looks older, and fits the mould of a late teen-aged gamer. We felt it necessary to make some changes to his outfit as well, but please be advised, I don't think we've seen the last of his original clothing design. ;)

Regarding development speed, I do acknowledge that 7 months was actually quite alarming. When I made the decision to work on all the beach events in one big release, it was before the entire world turned to shit due to COVID-19. Then, factoring in my full-time job and the lack of free time I have had lately, it's been quite difficult. I knew the events were going to be big, but I underestimated exactly how big they were going to be. However, I'm going to be doing what I can to ensure that we have a more reasonable development cycle from hereon out, and I will be a lot more transparent in admitting when difficulties arise, so that all of our fans can be kept in the loop.

is there a special scene for Shin ?, just asking. Also great job Frostclaw, i really like the Shin character and with that swimsuit it's just.....damn talk about magnificent.Keep up the great work!!.


All characters who have their beach events completed have a special scene for if you have a maximum affection value with them, including Shin.

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, and I want to thank you for your support.


I am really happy and appreciative with the update!! Such interesting takes on the beach part of this game, much better than what the original game did for it. Definitely looking forward to other characters scenes! You guys are really making this into something more beautiful than one could hope for! Thank you for your amazing and inspiring hard work so far and make sure you rest well during these times! Also, I really like the updated menu for the game as well! ^^


Thanks for your support. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. The menu actually took a fair bit of time to program, with a lot of trial and error to make it work correctly.

I'm actually holding a poll on the official Stormsinger Studios Discord server to see which 3 characters people want the most for the next demo.


Heavy sigh....while I’m glad to see development...........no. It’s extremely frustrating how the development is, well, developing. First, the novel exists which was great. But the wait between each build is bewilderingly disappointing. I’ve seen visual novels with less builds have more content than this...for each build of this novel to have so little content is just unfair. It makes no sense to wait so long just for something so minuscule that it doesn’t even affect anything. Secondly, Santa Lucia exists. Starting an entirely separate project while still having one just start is a very questionable decision, especially since the second project has more content than the first. Third, with all the time that has passed, nothing has change about the game AT ALL. The characters still look dry, lifeless, and bland just like before. The only one that looks like something is Torahiko, oh but no beach event for him. Oh my gosh Tatsuki has another face...oooh. What’s the point of having an incomplete update? It’s just a filler like “oh hey people want something so just insert shirtless sprites and see if they regain hope.” It’s frustrating that it’s even in there considering nothing even happened at the beach. Whether I got the special scene or not is still unclear, but I bet it wouldn’t even be that great like “ooh a dick.” I can’t even give the backstory credit because there isn’t much of one for anyone. This novel is a massive disappointment. I really hope I’m proven wrong at some point because I see absolutely no hope for this project whatsoever.


I agree with you, I really do hope they improve. Maybe it's because of the virus outbreak that the progress is so delayed? I think the reason why the characters has less development is probably because they're doing this quickly for them to even make a good one. I think they should hire a bit more artists and writers because I just saw in the credits that one of the characters (I don't remember who) only has one writer. I think the lack of Homecoming is a bit of more members so that not only the content can be less bland and more interesting but also the long wait for each update...

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


For someone who threw shade towards another person's hurtful comments on a different VN page, you certainly don't seem to understand the concept of hypocrisy, as this spiteful tirade is actually quite hurtful, and dismissive of the hardships that we have faced in the past months.

I've stated numerous times that things have been really hectic, and I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to work on Homecoming, culminating in its extreme delays. However, when comparing the beach events to the original game, you'll see that there is at least 3 times as much content per character.

While I do understand that the visual aspect still needs to be worked on, we all have lives outside of this project. We're human (unfortunately), and we have limits to what we can achieve in times of duress.

I will end with the hopes that as development continues, your wish to be proven wrong is granted.




Maybe you need to see a video how hard it is to create a vn because you might be thinking that putting up some words might be super easy to do while in reality you need to be very careful to not make a simple mistake and have to go back and fix it which that simple mistake might take them half an hour to find and fix !

In simple words things you see in the game ain't so easy creating them by coding programs !


All I’m saying is to not make promises you can’t keep....seven months is quite a big jump from the usual wait time, so it’s not my fault I directly inquired the situation. If you consider an honest review as hurtful, then oh well. Yeah I understand the world has gone to hell, but with that being said, you guys started Santa Lucia and continue that project despite everything that’s happening. Whether or not it’s you specifically isn’t really a factor considering that both projects are team efforts. You clearly ignored the part of my review that discusses that, so don’t try and retort with how I questioned a [seemingly] disrespectful comment that had no context. I don’t tolerate lies very well, and questions are the only solution to that problem. So pardon me if I’m struggling to see the light in this predicament.


I think you’re unfortunately missing two points when it comes to the relation between Santa Lucia and Homecoming.

The first, and pretty obvious point if you looked at the pages, the developers aren’t the same. While I (Devilizer) still help out time to time on Homecoming (though I’ll come back to this in a second), I work mainly on Santa Lucia, while Dzahn is fully dedicated to Santa Lucia. This leaves Frostclaw, Lesli-Chu and Nova as the sole people working on Homecoming, all with their own lives and busy schedules.

However, and this is my second point, Santa Lucia has a Patreon. While we do obviously love working on it, just like I love working on Homecoming, not having a monthly release would be directly scamming and breaking promises that we have made to people who have invested money in Santa Lucia. The promises being, of course, the various tiers the patrons can pledge to, and that we have a duty to uphold.

However, Homecoming has, as I’m sure you already know, no such promises to uphold. We accept no financial aid for the development of Homecoming, and every dollar earned for Santa Lucia is used to help us work on Santa Lucia. As such, I fail to understand what “promises” we appear to be breaking. Is it the unspoken rule of a monthly release? Unless I’m mistaken, no such promise has ever been made. In fact, the only mention of scheduled releases is on this very page: "Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!", which you can find on our development schedule section. However, an attentive reader would notice that it is mentioned again, ON THIS VERY PAGE that “the periods can vary wildly” and that while we try to release an update every two months, “it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule”. I fail to see where the issue is, even more so with the fact that Frostclaw has been transparent about the delays on our discord server.

Last thing, and this time, on a more personal note, I do not appreciate you bringing up our other project as a weapon to use against us. We have worked extremely hard to never break our schedule on Santa Lucia, and pushed through some very tough times. Tough times that have prevented me to put in the work I would have wanted on Homecoming. I lost my mother seven months ago, and Santa Lucia has been one of the only things keeping me afloat, both emotionally and financially, through this difficult period. I would appreciate a bit more humane decency and basic respect. We work on these projects because we love to do so, and while I will always give an attentive ear to criticism, the idea that we have broken promises we have never made, and not even trying to understand the hardships we’ve been through is a breaking point for me. We’re not perfect, nor have we ever claimed to be, and it’s thanks to the people who’ve supported us, be it with encouragement or fair criticism that we have made it this far.

Thank you for reading,

- Devilizer.


While this vn is frickin free for us to download and play it is very unfair for the developers to have their butts hurt by sitting on their chairs doing all the hard work!!! 

And actually I'm very disappointed reading such hurtful words to the devs by people who don't know how hard it is to create something that looks so simple yet super hard !

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I'm just gonna leave my opinions here if that's okay with you

The things that I liked about this is

1) The team made the characters have better development than in the original game

2) I absolutely love the fact that you made routes for the characters that didn't even have routes in the original

The things I didn't like however

1) The new sprites are much more bland and less expressive than the old Morenatsu.

2) Kouya and Shun's design >.>

I know that you all worked very hard for this but I prefer the old sprites over the new ones.

I recommend that you add a feature in the preferences settings that brings back the old sprites then that'll solve both of my problems on 1 and 2 while containing the new sprites in the game so that the people who prefer the new sprites can still have the new sprites.

Just like how it is in Morenatsu Revisited

However I do prefer this over the Revisited and Original

Homecoming is very good 👍


Hey. Thanks for your feedback. I can understand your critiques about the sprites, though do bear in mind that they're still in early stages, and will receive more expressions and poses in future updates.

Additionally, we won't be using the original sprites, unless by some miracle, Samoji decides to join the team. :P This is because some of the original sprite work was still incomplete. For example, Kyouji only had 3 expressions, and there were hardly any differences at all between them.

However, I'm glad you're enjoying the development so far.

Good because Kyoji is my best boy so far XD

Android version bug lol


Juiichi is so damn cute 🥰😍 and easy to turn on hahaha 

What bug are you talking about?

the watermelon..... He just said he's gonna cut it, why would he be with a cut one in hands? 

That's actually the pattern on his swimming trunks. It's a throwback to the original sprite, which uses a similar design.

I can see how it'd be confusing, especially considering Kounosuke wasn't originally part of this event. He replaced Torahiko, who will have different events to go through.

xD I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣

Wut ? Your joking about the bugs ? I'ma go see if the bug exists cause you are giving 0 information

I didn't pointed it out cuz it's pretty obvious that he's with a cut watermelon in hands and is saying that he will cut...

Yesssss x3 a new update

At first, I was stupid and lost hope in another update, so I deleted the game. But now a new update arrived. I was relieved to see that it is recommended to start afresh. I am so happy and look forward to playing again.

This...is too relatable


It's here!! It's finally here! Omg only god knows how long I've been waiting for this lol. I'm glad you are safe Frostclaw, we haven't heard from you in a while (I was worried and I'm glad you are okay during this crazy virus pandemic). Anyways, I'm glad to see that the project is still alive and I'll keep cheering for the entire Stormsinger Studios as well (be safe guys). 

Heheh, thank you so much for the support. Things have been pretty hectic yeah, but otherwise I am safe. Hopefully the next updates won't take anywhere near as long to release.

I hope you enjoy this new demo. :)

i.......can't....wait any longer, i must quench my thirst for quality gameplay.Has there or has there not been an announced release date yet, i'm practically melting from excitement at this point, this game is great. So great it's somewhat addictive.....the whistling shreaks from 1000 souls bellow will only be silenced apon the release of the next update to this game. Until then you shall rest and be consumed by the sweet bliss of unconsciousness

Hi Stormsinger Studios, I hope you will continue the game, because a lot is done though a demo.

Why is your comment like that? like it's written on a paper, i cannot send screenshots

I do not know!
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