A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"It's been five years since I've seen my hometown. What if they don't remember me? What if everyone's moved on?"

In Homecoming, you take on the role of a young Japanese snow fox named Hiroyuki Nishimura. After moving away from your hometown Minasato to Osaka five years ago, you receive an unexpected letter from an old friend inviting you back for one last summer vacation before completing your senior year of high school. What complicates things is how you've neglected to contact any of your friends over the years. Although nervous, you accept the invitation.

What awaits you back in Minasato? Will you be welcomed with open arms, or has it been so long that everyone has forgotten about you? Will this be yet another wasted summer, or will you finally have the chance to experience what makes life worth living?


Homecoming is a visual novel about nostalgia, romance, living life to the fullest, reconnecting with old friends, and learning to face your demons, all wrapped up in the cute Japanese kemono aesthetic. The game Homecoming is based on, Morenatsu, is considered to be one of the classic entries in furry culture. Although it was cancelled in 2015, dedicated fans have continued to keep its legacy alive through fanworks such as this. While rough around the edges, the original game captured many hearts, including the members of the Stormsinger Studios development team. We aim to create the best visual novel we can make, doing justice to the source material that has inspired so many like us.


NSFW Warning!

 The game is intended for mature audiences! Explicit scenes and images featuring same-sex romances can be found throughout the game. Please do not download if you are under the age of 18!


Our Public Discord Channel!




Stormsinger Studios is not affiliated with Morenatsu Team. This is a fan reimagining and is not meant to be seen as a replacement for the original game. If you are interested in seeing the original, consider checking out the Revival team's Ren'py port.

Homecoming is a work in progress. All content within is subject to change and is not necessarily representative of the final product.

Some updates may require starting a new game to avoid game crashing bugs. Please understand this is a part of the development process and is something you agree to deal with when playing an early access product.


The Stormsinger Studios Team

Official Team Page:

DzahnDragon - Studio Director
Devilizer - Art Director
Lesli-Chu!? - Composer
   Soundcloud   YouTube
Frostclaw - Homecoming Director
  Website   Twitter
HypoNova - Staff Artist and Musician

Homecoming is being developed using the Ren'Py engine.

Project Development Status

Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!

You can check the progress of the routes on this spreadsheet, that way you know ahead of time how far along your favorite character is in terms of development:

Route Guides

By popular request, I have decided to provide guides on how to obtain a perfect route for each specific character.

Please remember that at this current time, no characters have a completed route, and that these guides may be rendered obsolete in the future.

Additionally, please take into account that there are multiple events that take place during each day. I have tried to make these guides as straightforward as possible.

If a character doesn't have a specific day listed, it means that they either do not have an event, or that their presence is not a significant factor.

You can access the guides by visiting here.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Minasato!


Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_10_May2022-pc.zip 487 MB
Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_10_May2022-mac.zip 453 MB
homecoming.morenatsu.revisited-release10.apk 478 MB

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happy birthday soutarou

(2 edits)

Question from those of us who are geographically challenged:

Minasato is to Japan's Shirakawa, as Kazenari is to _____?

So my question is:

When is Takeshi gonna be shirtless?


I absolutely cannot wait for Tora's route to continue, Im in love with the story, characters and simply everything, an amazing VN, 100/10 <3


Then be ready to wait, it makes no sense to make the only two routes that were NOT in the original game before the others, it's like, releasing the only thing that is actually holding people here in the first place before finishing the project XD.



How long is Tora Route?


Rejecting Torahiko was one of the saddest things I've ever done in a novel (even though it's not optional). I don't know how I'm going to bear reliving that moment on the other routes. ;-;


I know what you mean, the first time I had to reject him I actually cried and games don't make me cry.

Man...I just did this part in Tatsuki's route and I absolutely hate myself right now. And on his birthday too?! How cruel can the writers get?!

Is there a way for tatsuki to not die


The conditions you must absolutely meet are as follows:

  1. Sit with Tatsuki at the welcoming party on August 1st.
  2. Set up a meeting with him on August 2nd.
  3. Choose to visit Tatsuki on August 6th.
  4. Select the option "Somebody help me!" on August 7th.

As long as you meet those requirements and do as much to gain Tatsuki's affections, he won't die.


where can i find complete tatsuki guide?


You can find Stormsinger Studios' site above the "We hope you enjoy your stay in Minasato" message, then scroll down to "Route Guides"


Small question here. 

Does this version includes the Ten Kodori route introduced in the last update of the original Revisited version? 

And if it doesn't, is it planned to add it in the future?

So, I finished tatsuki's route and all I have to say is that I was bawling my eyes out at the end. I wish we could see what happens when Hiro comes back

can you give a guide for complete route? The one i find is only upto 15th day

You should only need a guide up to day 15, the rest of the days won't matter, you will still be with Tatsuya. Once you do all of the stuff up to day 15, the route is decided 

thanks 😁


is there a way to play the original soundtrack to this? not saying I don't like the current one, but nothing beats the original



Hey guys, I have a problem. I wanted to install the update, but I've got another icon and actually I have my saves on the old one. :/ I'm playing on android.

(1 edit)

I'm on Tatsuki's route, Day 22. What choices will guarantee the best ending? For example, I'm at the ring-tossing game and I'm not sure what choice to make. The guide has NOT been updated. Please help.

None of those matter (minus the Chuukichi option, which is just a joke harkening back to the OG). If you followed the guide appropriately as it is, you'll get the good ending.

Thank youuuu


Will Ten's route be in it like in Revisited?

is there a reason why you can't change this setting? (This is the Phone version of this game)

can you change it in pc version?

Look, I'm not developing this game but I believe this setting would essentially change final text dialogues with NSFW scenes, changing the scenes or at least skipping them entirely instead. Since the game is not finished yet, I don't see why they would enable this setting, it's easier to program and configure it once you have every route finished. 


This is set as such in the app due to the terms and conditions for iOS builds. As a result, the settings cannot be changed as outlined in the text.


(1 edit)

So, is the NSFW censorship only in iOS devices or this includes the android .APK as well? I am scared I have missed good content being on day 7 :(


The android .apk also has the censorship applied to it.

Although, something might happen if you tap the text under the censorship settings (The text advising that the settings cannot be changed).


Wow glad ya'll finally realized you could just port the OG finished stories change some things around in them then just finish the unfinished ones from scratch seems like we will be getting a shit ton of more updates more frequently very very excited for it and I'm certain the community will really love it and enjoy it



No window mode?


I downloaded the new update and I must say that I am a little disappointed, in the first part of the game we have lots of new events, the dialogues were improved and the character designs are better, your team had done a very good job. On the other hand, apart from some dialogue, tatsuki's route was literally copy/paste from the version of morenatsu revisited and that's a shame because I think you could have added content to improve his route, for example in the first part of home coming hiroyuki has a lot of interaction with his grandparents and in the tatsuki part they no longer exist, and it would have been good hiroyuki talks to them about his relationship with tatsuki, you could also add a scene with how tatsuki relatives react to the fact that Hiro and Tasuki are together on the perfect route. I know you made Home coming game for free but as I said before it's a shame that your team just take over whole sections of the old version of morenatsu to finish the road of the characters when for the first 15 days you had all redone better.

Day 19 broke me tbh :'(((((( nooooo


SAME!!! Poor Tora 😢

Literally in tearssss that was intense


I literally felt pain in my chest when I rejected him 😭 I’m sorry Tora I’m just trying to stay to the route


I think even if you try not to reject him the scene will force you to.


oh really? Have you tried? 

true!! I said naah I'm not gonna reject u and the game forces you to 😭😭😭

I’m sorry if this is a frequently asked question or not but in the next update with the kounsuke route be extended, I just finally got around to playing his route and I’m loving it so far :)

(1 edit)

Okay so I have a question, what is that “afterword” button going to do? I see it’s unusable atm but I’m just curious :)

Afterword is generally our notes on the development of each character. We'd be describing our reasonings for specific decisions we made, what the development was like, what went through our minds, etc.

Ah okay :), thank you!!! :)

Really loved the route with Tatsuki, sad it has ended but looking forward to the other routes.

Fingers crossed at some point there might be a special episode that shows the story what happens in the future with them. Brilliant work!

Is there any update for torahiko's route ?

If you read the changelog they release here, nope. Just Tatsuki and some few days from another character.

i wanna visit the place that morenatsu took place irl. one of these days, looked it up and it seemed so peaceful...

Name: shirakawa-go


I've been there. It's absolutely beautiful. I was there in January 2019, and had an absolutely wonderful time. I definitely recommend visiting once everything opens up again.

I know what I'm going to do this summer! 🐻


Is there a way to make Morenatsu windowed instead of fullscreen?

Press F on the keyboard.

The Android Santa Lucia metadata bug should be fixed. I recommend everyone who downloaded Build 10 for Android earlier redownload and reinstall it.


Waaah! O///O Juuichi's new sprite looks so handsome~ ^^,

Help: I am trying to do the path with Juuichi Route but when i get to the end of the camping trip it says i am on Torahiko Route and end up having a private talk with Torahiko. Only thing i can think is at the bus stop i cant click on the option to take Juuichi coat. Am i missing something? or could this be a bug?

They have added the routes guide here, if you are following them AND you're getting another scene, can be two things: A bug, or the scene with Juuichi is not in the game yet. 

Brill, thank you will take a look and see where i get


It looks like you didn't go looking for fireflies with Juuichi. This is a requirement in order to be permitted to borrow his coat at the bus stop. Without this, you won't meet Ten, which is a requirement to be able to be placed onto Juuichi's route.


I gotta say that I liked the old art style much more then the new one. I really liked how creamy(?) the old one looked. Like it's was more smooth and was less sharp/reminiscent of the typical " anime " type of style. Also mr.kuri and soutarou look a little derpy in the pictures there.


I more like the new one. I don't know why but something bored me in the old style. I find than the compromise they make is great, some combination of the original style but in same time be different and geez i really like the look of Kounosuke in this style

the only character that i like in the old art is shun, instead of an 2000s anime girl look of the og game, he now looks like a cute femboy. I hope they dont go back to that for shun.


Question: Will you be getting rid of Kyouji's sasuke hair? I think we are all acutely aware that it is no longer 2003 anymore, and with Soutouru's large changes in design, I don't think it's too much of a leap to change Kyouji's hair. Either way I'm fine with whatever but I think his design could use an overhaul in that particular area. 

(2 edits) (+7)

I believe Soutarou was an exception, because the changes were made due to him being 15 while looking like a 13 year old child. I think that, excepting that problem, most of the characters were purposefully designed to look like the original sprites due to the game being really nostalgic to a lot of fans of the original visual novel.


Here's hoping that Ten will get a route of his own!!!


In a previously abandoned project "Revisited Morenatsu" he has one. And since the writers seem to rely on it a lot, it's likely that the writers, when will try to finish Juuichi's route, will also add his. 

But I can't confirm that they plan on recycling his route from that game, modify it but still include it, or just scrap it. We just have to wait and see.

Approximately one year ago, I asked the same question. Sadly one of the team members told me they had no plan of Ten's route in Homecoming.

But who knows? Things change a lot.


I hope so.


Hello. I was wondering if there's a timeframe for future updates? I really want to see what happens in Juuichi's route and I'd like to know how long I'm going to be waiting. 

PS: I am really loving this vn so far. You guys have been doing a great job with Santa Lucia and a great job with Morenatsu. I can't wait to see where they go :)


Nope, they work at their own pace. Makes sense since this is a free project that is getting a lot of love. The original structure of Morenatsu is also very, very, very weird to work with, they made sure to make the game BIG. (There's a reason why most new visual novels has less than 5 husbands xD).

Isnt he from after class vn? 


Torahiko was original from Morenatsu. After Class came years after Morenatsu was out, so it's more like the opposite. When in the VN he talks about losing his friends and his chance, he is reffering to this VN. 

(4 edits) (+4)

I miss Morenatsu and after playing this again, this brings back that nostalgia I had once again with the characters. I like how you guys give more events and contents for the characters and make them more grounded. Soutarou and Kyoji especially have so many things going on this time. It's nice to finally be able to get to know them properly. The test of courage remains one of my favorite days and I can't help but feel you manage to make the aftermath of it much creepier on Shun's route for some reason. And apparently it seems you guys gave Nanafuse more things to do? Sweet~

Also, I'm liking the newer designs of the characters too. For the second I couldn't really notice what's new about Kouya since he looks like the original while Soutarou is aged up. Some of them gets new outfits too apparently. Plus, we get to see more interaction and relationship between Hiroyuki and his grandparents, which is very welcome since they seem to be just very minor characters in the original. It surprises me that he is now more considerate as well, when he first thought about how he basically used them as temporary shelter as he was wandering in Minasato. This wasn't addressed in the original and one of the things that made me feel bad about it back then. Everything is pretty well done from what I'm seeing so far

So... while I'm starting to be okay with the fact that Hiroyuki is now a fox, I feel like he does this "furry reminder" trope too often, like how multiple times saying "I'm a fox" and its variations. It gets too repetitive I think considering none of the characters say that about themselves and him too much. Also, it would be nice if we can rename him so that we can still experience that "self-insert" feeling


I myself have a lot of issues with the fox protagonist, but thanks for them disabling the faces on the dialogues, I can just ignore that. I think it would work better if they had, for example, Changed Hiroyuki's personality. The OG game has him with a very meh personality, while the only sole reason for everyone simply for him was because he was a human, therefore smoother than anyone else. And that's it. 

I see that they tried to mitigate that by making him an arctic fox, which is Rare even among furries, but frankly, that's not enough. IT would be way better written if he was, I dunno, a half-breed between two different species were living in a universe where any half-breed is unable to procreate because no one is a close match to his DNA or silly stuff like that (just like in our world). That would make him different enough to make people to be interested for him because someone like him would be rare. 

That would, however, make them have to re-write the entire fucking story and I doubt they would do any of that. The reason they take so long to update us with new routes essentially is that they are re-writing the original story, even if it's similar, it's not just a copy/paste one, besides, I know Ren'py enough to say you this: Once a project gets big enough, it's absurdly hard to fix dialogue issues, you can take big games like Camp Buddies that is on version 1.5 already, and still has the same typos and weirdness in the entire game WITH a lot of slowdowns because the engine is suffering xD. So, I wouldn't expect any drastic changes such as them fixing all the times Hiro relied on the "I'm a foxy boy" trope xD. 

This game is not perfect, but frankly, neither is Morenatsu itself. Actually, MOrenatsu is absurdly flawed, and they made a very good job of making most of the characters interesting enough this time, a thing most of them weren't before. I'm more annoyed with the direction of the characters going to the Bara form from the original, instead of a more natural form. Different kinds of bodies do exist, and I do like it when all of them are represented and so far they already changed a character that was more on the twink but fit side to a very big one. Frankly, I never agree with all of the designs, but there's always one character they don't do a good job artwise anyways, previously it was Kouya, now it's Soutarou (and I'm still trying to get used to this new torahiko too) xD.

(1 edit)

While so far we haven't exactly seen Hiroyuki, I figure we would eventually see him as a fox in event CGs, so I don't think it's avoidable for now :3

Agreed. Well we'll see how they do him on the new artworks. That being said I'm pretty sure drawing a human is way less work than drawing a fluffy fox. XD


I think a lot of people would disagree with you there 😅

That being said, I hope they keep this Juuichi's design. I actually like this one better than the original. He just needs more expression/gesture sprites~


Amazing work.  Never had the chance to see the original so cant make any comparisons.  But honestly this doesnt need any comparison, its amazing as it is.  Thanks for all the time and effort everyone has put into this.  I've only played through once, so there is so much more for me to explore, but the first time through is always the best in my opinion.  I love seeing where just following my heart and gut takes me!  Thank you for this opportunity.

I need help, im plaing the on the       phone/endroid and every time i download the new version it coms as a new game without the memory so in the end i got the old homecoming with the memory and progres and the new one with no memory, can somone help me?

And im sorry for my english i'm not good at it.

I would have liked  to do the french translation. But from my mobile it's a dream that flies away. especially since in the original game there is french and shin is french (half). To finish it is with them that i discovered  the men-beast. It's a war to say thanks you. 

PS i have a crush mori (the mouse) can you send me pictures of him?

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