A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"It's been five years since I've seen my hometown. What if they don't remember me? What if everyone's moved on?"

In Homecoming, you take on the role of a young Japanese snow fox named Hiroyuki Nishimura. After moving away from your hometown Minasato to Osaka five years ago, you receive an unexpected letter from an old friend inviting you back for one last summer vacation before completing your senior year of high school. What complicates things is how you've neglected to contact any of your friends over the years. Although nervous, you accept the invitation.

What awaits you back in Minasato? Will you be welcomed with open arms, or has it been so long that everyone has forgotten about you? Will this be yet another wasted summer, or will you finally have the chance to experience what makes life worth living?


Homecoming is a visual novel about nostalgia, romance, living life to the fullest, reconnecting with old friends, and learning to face your demons, all wrapped up in the cute Japanese kemono aesthetic. The game Homecoming is based on, Morenatsu, is considered to be one of the classic entries in furry culture. Although it was cancelled in 2015, dedicated fans have continued to keep its legacy alive through fanworks such as this. While rough around the edges, the original game captured many hearts, including the members of the Stormsinger Studios development team. We aim to create the best visual novel we can make, doing justice to the source material that has inspired so many like us.


NSFW Warning!

 The game is intended for mature audiences! Explicit scenes and images featuring same-sex romances can be found throughout the game. Please do not download if you are under the age of 18!


Our Public Discord Channel!




Stormsinger Studios is not affiliated with Morenatsu Team. This is a fan reimagining and is not meant to be seen as a replacement for the original game. If you are interested in seeing the original, consider checking out the Revival team's Ren'py port.

Homecoming is a work in progress. All content within is subject to change and is not necessarily representative of the final product.

Some updates may require starting a new game to avoid game crashing bugs. Please understand this is a part of the development process and is something you agree to deal with when playing an early access product.


The Stormsinger Studios Team

Official Team Page:

DzahnDragon - Studio Director
Devilizer - Art Director
Lesli-Chu!? - Composer
   Soundcloud   YouTube
Frostclaw - Homecoming Director
  Website   Twitter
HypoNova - Staff Artist and Musician

Homecoming is being developed using the Ren'Py engine.

Project Development Status

Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!

You can check the progress of the routes on this spreadsheet, that way you know ahead of time how far along your favorite character is in terms of development:

Route Guides

By popular request, I have decided to provide guides on how to obtain a perfect route for each specific character.

Please remember that at this current time, no characters have a completed route, and that these guides may be rendered obsolete in the future.

Additionally, please take into account that there are multiple events that take place during each day. I have tried to make these guides as straightforward as possible.

If a character doesn't have a specific day listed, it means that they either do not have an event, or that their presence is not a significant factor.

You can access the guides by visiting here.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Minasato!


Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_1101_December2022-pc.zip 482 MB
Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_1101_December2022-mac.zip 467 MB
homecoming.morenatsu.revisited-release1101.apk 494 MB
Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_1101_December2022-linux.tar.bz2 464 MB

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I've gotta say, I didn't think my favorite character would be Kyouji. I think he's definitely the best written of the nine. His scenes are so well done. It's a shame he's so overlooked compared to everyone else. I guess that's what happens when you don't get a route/ aren't the cannon route. I'm really looking forward to how his route goes. Keep up the good work.


Kyouji's always been my favorite. His calm, collected manner and almost fatherly energy that he exudes despite the hardships it's implied he faces is very admirable. And he's insightful and adorable to boot. I just want him to get some sleep 馃様


Extraordinary work! Can't wait to see the rest of Kounosuke's route!


Something I would like to say about the NSFW at least from my experience.

There are no explicit nudity sprites (the no clothe sprites have no genitals), and the sex scene with shin has no CGI, it's literally just a black screen with narration. 

About the MC: There's also no sprite of the main character for some reason, human or not. Which is kinda fine but it would be nice to see how MC is even in just a scene. Also, in the original shin's route there's the kiss CGI that's an incredible moment, which is also lacking.

Actually the problem is that there's no CGI at all. When the characters are doing something different it's just said, not shown


There will be, but CGs take a lot longer to make than sprites. We will likely be starting in CGs once we鈥檝e got the important sprites implemented.

Does this game have sexual scenes or it just skips the sexual content? Because it just skips for me.

(3 edits) (+1)

You need to go to the "censorship settings"(in "Preferences") and uncheck the "no adult content" botton to get sexual parts.

I tried it but it only said that i cannot change it for some reason

Tap the words that say the settings cannot be changed. The game will go black, and the screen will flash green, which indicates NSFW has been activated. If you do it again, the screen will flash red to indicate that NSFW has been deactivated.

just finished Juiichi and Shin route, I wonder what will happen on Kouya's route will things get even more heated can't wait for Torahiko's reaction tho im guessing will be some fight or something can't wait also keep up the good work .

How do you get Ten's route?

Finish Juuichi's route.

I did.

What do I do after I finish Juuichi's route?

You need to get his Bad Ending. Once you do, and the credits end, you will get a notification telling you that you have unlocked bonus content.

k, also is the sex scene in there, cause when I did it with Juuichi, it skip.

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when will Torahiko's route be worked on next, I would love to see his finished!

Do you know the original morenatsu?

I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to play Torahiko's route together with the other two that never had a route before. And I'm sure as hell that they will release his route last. Especially since they are changing stuff, so the story is not exactly the same either. 

Just wait, maybe in a year or two we'll have the stories done, and we still need the CGs too, which are expensive on their own XD


sad, thats okay though, im willing to wait if it does end up taking that long, ill just have to hope for soon, i did juuichi's route and having to reject torahiko broke my heart since i originally wanted to finish his route when i first started playing

Maybe I'm missing something, but why can you not select "I'll go" on Shin's route when you meet Kouya and the band at the shrine? I seem to remember playing that part out on another route or two.

Because you need to do an event for Kouya that shares a time slot with Shin (you need to meet with Kouya in the forest clearing and get guitar lessons).


okay this will spoiler Tatsukis Route.

I played this game pretty much since the day it arrived on Itch.Io and loved the feel. The backgrounds and interactions made it feel like Summer, the writing was really nice and relatable, even for a person that never played Morenatsu. Here is the problem tho: while reading Tatsukis route i was... weirded out from the game?
I loved Tatsuki. He was my Favourite Character! He had a very nice but depressing reason for drinking around his friends. His respect towards his Dad was very relatable and his little project was cute (and kinda Ghibli Heartbreaking). Then the summer festival rolls around, he confeses to you and... you do the dirty behind a few bushes? as i said, his route weirded me out from the game, which is why i havent continued to read but this whole scene felt... so wrong. I have always read the MC as a more silent character, that could goof around with his friends but was more reserved but he instantly goes for this? "I love you, lets do it" is all it took for the MC to just go with it? Of course if every route was "Friendship, Confession, kiss, Date, Eventually dirty, Happy ending" it would be boring but the way this was written totally ruined a character i enjoyed reading about/talking to. 

dont get me wrong, the characters of this game are written incredibly well, the story is amazing and relatable but if any of the devs read this, could they explain why? For me, it felt incredibly out of character, not for Tatsuki, he was pretty much Blackout drunk, but for the MC who just.... went with the flow so fast after a drunk man told him he loves him.

(Anyways love the game kissie kissie youre doing great guys, i hope it didnt sound insulting as it was just a general worry i had for a few weeks now)

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Oh my god, this is breaking my heart, Tora, I'm sorryyyy


I`ve just finished Juiichi and Shin`s Route and ommmgg lovve itt sorry Tora but your gonna have to wait .

A question, will I miss something if I didn't play Morenatsu before?


Not at all. There are plenty of people whose exposure to Morenatsu was Homecoming.

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I got an idea, so ya know how you can switch between fox or human with a simple click of a button, (Of course y'all do y'all made the game) but what if y'all can do the same but with a switch between old and new character designs. Like you have the option to change between current ones or go back to when the characters looked like what they did back before Kouya was redone. If ya think about it will be a win-win for the people who liked the old character designs and the people who like the new ones. (When I think about it more it seems farfetched and too complicated for coding into the VN but it's worth commenting.)

Edit: Seems like people don't like my idea...

(1 edit) (+1)

I personally really like this game when it鈥檚 finished I really hope that there is more I really want to be able to do more with the characters like after that you can go to Minasato again or that they can come visit Hiroyuki in the city I would really like that but after this game there is probably other projects to do.


Tell me which paths have NSFW?

No routes have NSFW CG yet, but Juuichi, Shin and Tatsuki (as well as the bonus Ten content) have sex within them.

But it is only implied! they straight up didn't include the sex scenes yet kept the dialogue after you banged! so you are left up with gems like in juichi's route when they kiss and in the next moment Hiro's HOLE hurts, and that's the words used, like wtf XD

(2 edits)

Which version of the game are you running? (PC or Android/iOS?)


Mobile versions are automatically set to No Adult Content.

Rumour has it that if you go to the Preferences screen and tap the text underneath Censorship Settings, something may happen…


Will everyone have human dicks like the original or will we get some variety?  Maybe even a toggle option like with Hiroyuki's species if that's not too much to ask?

Git an error screen on the last day of juiichi's route. Can't seem to continue past it either. I'll copy and paste it here. "```

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'int'

Can't seem to finish day 30 on Android because of it.

Might need to make a slight updated build. It looks like the shooting star effect I had implemented doesn't like to work properly.

Python is a pain in the ass.

Amazing VN Ya'll are doing an amazing job. I would like to point out that update you put out to fix day 30 is still not working for me. I'm not sure if that's my fault or not. But hey it wont stop me from continuing cant wait to see how Soutarou's, Shun's and Kyouji's routes turn out they are my favourites. 

So earlier today I've completed and played the bonus Ten route. Have to say I fell in love with him! His story made me feel things and it was so well done! The writing was very well thought out and wasn't disappointed for a second. Was not expecting to tear up with happiness at the end of it so much. Thank you for this. Was so moved by it that I am more than pumped up for what you guys have in store for the next update! <3

Keep up the wonderful work!


I've been following this game since build 6 and man such an amazing game, I love it so much! I really like every route so far but, Kounosuke's route is so perfect!!! And the character... OMG! I literally just fall in love with him every time he pops up on the screen, I can't control it... and the new characters sprites looks sooo nice I like all of them from the old to the new ones actually but, there is something in the new ones that I thought is kinda missing and that would be the blushing, i love seeing they blush so much, it was so cute...
So i wanted to ask if you guys are going to implement it again... that aside everything is just perfect!

Looks very cool! Nice game 馃憤

(2 edits)

Hello. I'm sorry, but what's about the route of Kounosuke? Exactly, when you'll start to do an update of it? (Sorry if my English's bad. I'm from Ukraine and I only learning it.)

dude you honestly did a very freaking good job but will you add any female characters to the game don't get me wrong your game was awesome and I loved every character in it but like this is a beef party but where's the vegetables at you know what I'm saying I know you're doing your own thing and it's working bro but like I just want to ask will there be any female characters that are that will be accessible for the player to date because there's just so many times where you can just admire this upgrade version of Tony the Tiger


Hey, glad you like the game. Sprites will eventually be provided for female characters, however there are no female characters whom Hiroyuki will be able to date, as he has clearly identified as gay.


thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply and thank you for talking to me and thank you for giving me some clarification of the player's character because I do feel like it and what drew me to your game was the Curiosity of what it would feel like to be well gay me as a straight man has thought about that but since I really don't like guys like that I thought maybe I could just experience through a game and I see the benefits I can see the benefits of way some guys choose to be gay but even though it was really fun I still think gay is not for me but I really enjoyed the experience of your game and I hope it gets updated further


You don't choose your sexuality, most discover what they like  either early in life or later on.  I am a bisexual male and most learn about this game through looking up stuff like this.  Plus some do experiment a bit when they are older if they lean that way or not.  Sorry for sounding a bit judgemental but something in your comment kind of triggered me.


It is okay dude I did not need to trigger you but if I did I'm sorry this was really funny to me but I understand I know everyone that comes from different roads in their lives but I do feel like everyone can understand each other if you just listen but if I'm being honest people today and people in the past are too prideful or just to hurt to listen and honestly just making all of us miserable so thanks for talking that's out with me like a normal person because we don't many conversations like this

Oh hey Build 11 Noice.

I am happy to in route of Kouya 

But I didn't know is not finished 

There update soon, I want him updated route to end.. Bit sad


Note to self: Never get in a car with Tatsuki... 馃檭

Kyouji getting angry scared me tbh. Thanks Stormsinger, for making Kyouji like this. (Reminds me of my dad)

I was playing Shins route and I noticed that day 12 of the game didn鈥檛 match up to what the route guide said. Was there an update that changed it, if anyone can tell me how to get back to Shins route it would be greatly appreciated.

can anyone give me pointers on shins route? I鈥檓 at day 12 and the none of the events matched up with the route guide. I know the route guides weren鈥檛 permanent, but does anyone got the answer?

(1 edit)

(Fellow player) I find it odd that you missed Day 12's events. I followed the guide here and Day 12 seemed normal and unavoidable (I've found Shin's route despite aiming for Shun). Might help if you describe what you see instead.

To clarify, the Outskirt's Option is first thing in the morning on day 12

I thought that was supposed to happen, but while playing it never appeared as an option. I intend to go back and replay the past few days to see if I missed anything. I was careful  but everyone makes mistakes.


Sorry if this gets ask a lot but when should we expect an update and to who will it be?

Can't speak to when the update would happen, but according to their last post they're looking at delivering a full finished route for a character on each update from now on, and the next candidate was Juuichi. Judging by the timing of previous updates, I'm thinking big bear for Christmas. 


Called it.

Hey, I have a question in regards to the game's gallery. Is all of the content in there accessible currently? It's been a few months, but I'm pretty sure I've gone through every dialogue option on every route. Despite this, I'm still missing tons of stuff. This includes:

- 4 CGs.

- 17 BGs.

- The music tracks Avarice, Pinch Me I'm Dreaming (Kouya), Pinch Me I'm Dreaming (Musikus), Train Station Lights, and Train Station Lights (Alt).

I've been under the assumption due to how much I'm missing that these are just placeholder spots for future art and music, though it wouldn't hurt to double-check with you guys.

By the way, I love what you've been doing with the game! This was my first experience with Morenatsu, though I have since gone and played the translation of the original. I really appreciate the directions you've taken a lot of these characters compared to their original appearances.


I can confirm that the things you're missing are actually going to be used, but we just haven't gotten that far yet. Eventually, you'll get to experience the rest.

I'm glad that you're enjoying what we've done so far, and hope you continue to look forward to our work.

Game in development. A lot of place holders are inside sometimes, just to fill every part that should be used in the future, even if it's not used. You always should only expect to complete galleries and any other stuff if a game is on version 1.0. 

To be fair, we've been using a different numbering system for our versions. Once it's fully completed, we'll likely use a different label for it.

 Oh, that's interesting. Good to know.

So i can't save.

Am i the only one with this?

And if not then is ther anything i can do?

That's just a warning advising not to use saves from previous builds (for example, using a save made in Build 9 in Build 10), as there can be errors. However, saving should work properly.


Update please 

(1 edit)

The last few updates have come at a rate of about 1 every 3-4 months, and it's been 87 days since the last one. I'm sure they'll be at least making an announcement on it soon.

Hi I played this game a year ago and i remember there's a problem with the savin, is it still there? And if it is what are you recommend to do because it annoying to starte over again every updaye. And thanks

I saw no saving problems.


So it's only with Android?

No, Im playing It on Android and there are no save problems here.

Non? Because for me i can save but after i update the game all of my saving are gon.



I played the original one for the first time many years ago and it didn't convince me very much due to the not very entertaining graphics. However, the animations were very nice.

Shun and Ten are much better looking in the original Morenatsu, but everyone else is more beautiful here in Homecoming. Juuici and Tora particularly. The graphics have improved a lot. This game enlighten in you the desire to play, appreciating all the work is much easier and there is a very high imprinting effect.

The user friendly menu is the coolest thing in a visual novel. I would like to know which program did you used to create the game. 

I am happy that the game is not abandoned but constantly updated, but what I recommend you is to take into more account the wishes of us fans to get back the Ten route. Moreover, if it could be lengthened or modified a little it would be even better. By popular demand. 

Thank You for your job.


Thank you for your support! It means a lot that you really enjoy Homecoming. For the moment, Ten only has the one sprite, and Shun hasn't received his new sprite rework yet, but please do look forward to it. We're likely going to be making him look similar to his original style, but aged up a bit (so he doesn't look like he's 8 years old).

Homecoming uses the Ren'Py engine, which is constantly being updated by its creator to include new features. It can be a bit daunting to use at times, because it requires a little bit of coding knowledge. As a matter of fact, some of the features within (like the credits sequence for example) were a result of some trial and error. We are planning on adding more to it later down the line, but there's no timeframe for it yet.

Lastly, I'm glad that you, like so many others, really like the Ten "route" and want it brought back. Especially since I'm the one who wrote it. It was never meant to be anything official, and more of a way to show how custom routes could be done. I wrote it after having read the doujinshi My Summer Vacation With the Captain, when I realised that Ten was my favourite supporting character. While we don't really currently have plans to add it to Homecoming, especially since of the amount of work we put into each day/character, many elements from his route will be making their way into Juuichi's route. If we were to bring Ten's route back, it would require extensive reworks to bring it up to the standards we have set for Homecoming, which would take time away from the more key components we're working on.

I really enjoyed your answer, thank you for appreciating my thought. 

I can't wait to see Shun's new look and, considering your skills, it will be a success. Yeah Bro, Ren'Py is just great for creating games like visual novels. Ten is my favorite character along with Torah and since you are the creator of his route, I take this opportunity to thank you for creating it and I congratulate you for the excellent writing. His story really warmed my heart. I understand, adding such a route would require to re consider also much more from the rest of the project as well, I had no idea. MAYBE, one day, when you have no other commitments and the game is 100% completed, you will think about his route. Hope never dies. I noticed that Homecoming is much more accurate in its dialogues and events, this makes everything more long-lived. This is my favorite thing about Homecoming and I can't wait to see what's new in the next updates. It was a pleasure to meet you, continue with this great job! 馃

Well, I don't know where else I would post this, so I figured here would be fine, I hope.

Wouldn't it be crazy if there's a game (probably a fighting game) that crosses over characters from these furry VNs like Morenatsu, Nekojishi and Adastra?


it would probably be something like bare back streets or oh so hero but yeah that would be awesome

lol, but I think something like In the Heart of Battle sounds cool.

I'm thinking an initial roster of 8 would work, and I have some ideas of who would be in it.


happy birthday soutarou


Soutarou's birthday in Homecoming has been moved to May 8th. ;)

(2 edits)

Question from those of us who are geographically challenged:

Minasato is to Japan's Shirakawa, as Kazenari is to _____?


Factoring in distance and length of time it takes to get there, Takayama would be the closest matching (in reality, there's a lot more bus services that operate between the two, but Minasato and Kazenari were rather exaggerated compared to their real world counterparts).

So my question is:

When is Takeshi gonna be shirtless?


I absolutely cannot wait for Tora's route to continue, Im in love with the story, characters and simply everything, an amazing VN, 100/10 <3


Then be ready to wait, it makes no sense to make the only two routes that were NOT in the original game before the others, it's like, releasing the only thing that is actually holding people here in the first place before finishing the project XD.



How long is Tora Route?


Rejecting Torahiko was one of the saddest things I've ever done in a novel (even though it's not optional). I don't know how I'm going to bear reliving that moment on the other routes. ;-;


I know what you mean, the first time I had to reject him I actually cried and games don't make me cry.

Man...I just did this part in Tatsuki's route and I absolutely hate myself right now. And on his birthday too?! How cruel can the writers get?!

Yeah... It genuinely hurt to do that, but lying to him made me feel bad too.

But at the end of Tatsuki's route had me tearing and with a big smile.

Morenatsu was one of the firsts (if not the first) VNs I played back in the OG one days. And this reimagination is delivering the same feeling.

Is there a way for tatsuki to not die


The conditions you must absolutely meet are as follows:

  1. Sit with Tatsuki at the welcoming party on August 1st.
  2. Set up a meeting with him on August 2nd.
  3. Choose to visit Tatsuki on August 6th.
  4. Select the option "Somebody help me!" on August 7th.

As long as you meet those requirements and do as much to gain Tatsuki's affections, he won't die.

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