A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"It's been five years since I've seen my hometown. What if they don't remember me? What if everyone's moved on?"

In Homecoming, you take on the role of a young Japanese snow fox named Hiroyuki Nishimura. After moving away from your hometown Minasato to Osaka five years ago, you receive an unexpected letter from an old friend inviting you back for one last summer vacation before completing your senior year of high school. What complicates things is how you've neglected to contact any of your friends over the years. Although nervous, you accept the invitation.

What awaits you back in Minasato? Will you be welcomed with open arms, or has it been so long that everyone has forgotten about you? Will this be yet another wasted summer, or will you finally have the chance to experience what makes life worth living?


Homecoming is a visual novel about nostalgia, romance, living life to the fullest, reconnecting with old friends, and learning to face your demons, all wrapped up in the cute Japanese kemono aesthetic. The game Homecoming is based on, Morenatsu, is considered to be one of the classic entries in furry culture. Although it was cancelled in 2015, dedicated fans have continued to keep its legacy alive through fanworks such as this. While rough around the edges, the original game captured many hearts, including the members of the Stormsinger Studios development team. We aim to create the best visual novel we can make, doing justice to the source material that has inspired so many like us.


NSFW Warning!

 The game is intended for mature audiences! Explicit scenes and images featuring same-sex romances can be found throughout the game. Please do not download if you are under the age of 18!


Our Public Discord Channel!




Stormsinger Studios is not affiliated with Morenatsu Team. This is a fan remake and is not meant to be seen as a replacement for the original game. If you are interested in seeing the original, consider checking out the Revival team's Ren'py port.

Homecoming is a work in progress. All content within is subject to change and is not necessarily representative of the final product.

Some updates may require starting a new game to avoid game crashing bugs. Please understand this is a part of the development process and is something you agree to deal with when playing an early access product.


The Stormsinger Studios Team

Official Team Pages:
FA  Twitter   Blog

DzahnDragon - Studio Director
FA   Twitter
Devilizer - Art Director
Lesli-Chu!? - Composer
   Soundcloud   YouTube
Frostclaw - Homecoming Director
  Website   Twitter
HypoNova - Staff Artist and Musician

Homecoming is being developed using the Ren'Py engine.

Project Development Status

Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!

You can check the progress of the routes on this spreadsheet, that way you know ahead of time how far along your favorite character is in terms of development:

Route Guides

By popular request, I have decided to provide guides on how to obtain a perfect route for each specific character.

Please remember that at this current time, no characters have a completed route, and that these guides may be rendered obsolete in the future.

Additionally, please take into account that there are multiple events that take place during each day. I have tried to make these guides as straightforward as possible.

If a character doesn't have a specific day listed, it means that they either do not have an event, or that their presence is not a significant factor.

You can access the guides by visiting here.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Minasato!


Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_7_August2021-pc.zip 464 MB
Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_7_August2021-mac.zip 447 MB
homecoming.morenatsu.revisited-build701-universal-release.apk 474 MB
Homecoming-Morenatsu-Revisited-Build_7_August2021-linux.tar.bz2 452 MB

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Will there be a Ten route in the future? I enjoyed his route on the previous game and was hoping that he will have a genuine route to play on.

I think that anything "extra" will be added only if they really want to. It's not like we're paying them for recreating this game, for free I might add, so for now we should just expect all the routes to be slightly changed to fit the new age of some of the characters and the removal of any weird-ass ending the original had, and of course, the routes we never received. But who knows, maybe they'll do it, eventually. Just don't expect more than what they are giving us. 

does anyone by any chance know how to get on the Juuichi route or at least have more interactions with Juuichi since we haven't reached the official route split yet?? i figured that's the only way to keep his jacket when it gives you the option because when i was mainly focusing on Torahiko and it got to that part the option to keep his jacket was grayed out and couldn't be selected so i can only assume if you mainly focus on him then you get the option to keep it haha. so if anyone could help that would be great :3

Yes, you have to spend time with Juuichi and evade Torahiko. Though, it's not necessarily to evade all characters. Above the downloads, there's a guide in the "here" link.

To be able to borrow his jacket, one specific event must be completed: the firefly event. As WhiteBear25 mentions, there are guides available. They’re not up to date with the options to select on day 12, but are still relevant. I’ll be working on updating them a bit later.

oh wow! Idk how I've never seen the guides in the "here" link above. well i appreciate the help with that, I honestly didn't think anyone would reply but I'm grateful both of you took the time to. so thank you both again for the help ^_^ (also WhiteBear25 that "evade Torahiko breaks my soul only just because i turned him down to go to the pool and he was crying and I wanted to cry for making HIM cry x_x!!! never again! lol)

before i start playing. Is this game story finish or haven't?


The story isn't finished yet. Overall, about 45% is complete. But once we get past a specific point, we'll be focusing on one character at a time. A few of them already have completed storylines that just need to be coded into the game.

At the moment, we've reached Day 12 for most of the characters.

Oh, so you guys don't pretend to change the existing storylines for the characters that had them finished in the original game. That should "quench" some people thirst that's for sure XD

Actually, a few of them did receive a massive change. Kounosuke has had his route entirely changed, due in no small part to how badly his original storyline was written. For others, they’ve had a few tweaks here and there.


Haha, yeah I can see that. The original story was good when I was young but if I play the game now I just cringe at half of it and feel horrified by the other half, with some exceptions of course. But those bad endings were nothing but disturbing in some cases.

Ok, thanks for reply . This story just make me recognize a lot of things , cause moneratsu is the first visual novel that i play after i become a furry . A lot of moneratsu fan make a lot of moneratsu 2 visual novel but the main character is with juuichi and  now i find this . You let me can replay it and i can with torahiko again. I like it a lot ,  keep doing it ! ( p.s. my english is so terrible, plis forgive me .)

Minor question: Noticing that you've added in a sprite for Kounosuke's father. Are there plans to do the same for Juuichi's dad? I remembered running into him when getting a ride from Tatsuki, and I was just curious as to how he looked compared to Juuichi. 

Yes. Many of the side characters will be getting sprites.

Hello I have the problem every time I want to unzip the Windows file from Morenatsu that 3 errors appear.

Because 3 certain files cannot be copied

those with the names style_selected_intensitive_function.so

I encountered an error while saving my game:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module>

    $ ui.interact()

Exception: Required parameter p has no value.

I have the full file copied in case more data is needed. Came here to report the error and saw that something had been updated 4 hours ago, so downloaded and ran that version of the game, and encountered the same error.

(1 edit)

the android version has this problem again, what should i do?

and I couldn't do Torahiko's event on August 10th, help!

It’s caused by an error in the engine version that Dzahn used when compiling it. I’ll fix it when I get home from work and re-upload it.

I think a library background image may be missing, since I had to skip through (i'm assuming a scene's worth) of stuff in kouya's route after leaving Kounosuke's place (I think it went from line 1646 To 2022 on day 10 If that helps at all)


Am i doing something Wrong or you removed sea salt icecream in soutaru route? Now there Is chocholate or macha choice only


I don't think you did anything wrong, since I was just following the prefect route guide and didn't see and sea salt ice cream to select there either. I guess the main question now is whether its a bug or if they removed it for one reason or another

Sea salt ice-cream option was removed when Dzahn took control of the project. Considering the connection to Kingdom Hearts is quite heavy, he decided it would be better to not have it in there for now. We’re discussing how to proceed going forward.

(1 edit)

I am a little disappointed with that decision but it's not my call to make and it does not effect all the great work everyone has placed into this. I do miss that extra point.

Is there a reason all the NSFW was taken out?

Removed window mode?

Will this new build have new content?


Also is it true that this new build gets rid of NSFW content?

(1 edit)

where did you see it? Apparently yes, I do not know why


My guess is that they will either put it back once they put all the new sprites of the characters. Another possibility is that they plan on putting Special Scenes/Images in certain events, like for example, let said they put a Special Image of when Hiroyuki is peeking on Juuichi. At least that's my guesses since the NSFW Warning is on this page.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the answer.


Hey there!

While we've indeed cut the sprites off at waist-level, this wasn't done in a move to get rid of the NSFW content, but simply for practicality's sake, as it made some of the smaller character barely peek through the dialogue box. Resizing them would have and having them keep everything below waist-level made some of them look freakishly large, so we've decided to follow in OG Morenatsu's footsteps, and cut them at the waist.

Thank you all for understanding,

- Devilizer


Will there still be other NSFW images and/or scenes in future content and builds?

"Having them keep everything below waist level made some of them look freakishly large"

Awww.... why you gotta call out Juuichi like that. 😉


Oh please, let Ten have his own route.

(1 edit) (+1)

I had a blast playing this VN, it has so much heart and cute moments. Made me wish I had friends like these growing up. I never played the original Morenatsu (I wonder if one can still find it and where). Juuichi is my favorite route. So much so, while waiting for the next update, I played the Morenatsu 2 fan game, just to spend some more time with my favorite bear from Minasato.

Where is the fan game located?

(1 edit)

On the itch.io page of Sylos30. 


I really appreciate the art style and character changes, compared to the original Morenatsu. Most notable are Shin and Shun. Shin has a more refined design, and his personality is somewhat more fitting than in the original game. Shun was a cute character in the original game, but looked and acted like a kid, so I really love his new more mature design and personality, and creators still kept everything about him that made Shun - Shun. 

Also, the protagonist being a furry is a welcome change,

Either way this has to be one of the best Furry VNs I've ever played.


imo Shun looks less cute in this style, Shin's design too


Shun looks less like a minor, which I actually like more, and find way cuter than the possibly-8-year-old version in og morenatsu. At the same time everyone has a right to have an opinion, so if you find the old shun cuter, good for you ^^


it feels Shun & Shin is a whole different character , not even comparable to the OG Morenatsu .
Shin talks too much and not as snappy as the OG
Shun's way of thinking and the way he talks is too mature since he is supposed to be the youngest one. It's like the one who is the youngest is the MC itself.


Is this VN still alive?


yes is still alive 


Yes, it is. As mentioned in the notes for 6.5, we're actually planning something quite big, so the next update may take a bit of time, but I can guarantee the wait will be worth it.

Good to hear, just wanted to be sure 

For some reason, I can't seem to install the 6.5.1 update even though I can install the 6.5 version in the past. 90 gb of free space and I can download and install other visual novels just fine so I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Playing on android. 

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Oh I absolutely love this game. I like each and every character so far and can't decide with who to go with. This game is so good!!

This may be a spoiler so please don't read it if you don't want to get spoiled:

But there is just one thing that is confusing me, who the hell is Nanafuse!!? He just appears randomly out of nowhere claiming he was with us in on scene with Shun, Tora and Kounosuke. Am I supposed to know who he is or what? Honestly he is kinda scary appearing out of nowhere and everyone don't find it stange? Is he a ghost? A friend that died a long time ago. I am so confused. Lol


He's an enigma. In the original Morenatsu, he was merely a mischievous spirit who was given form thanks to Hiroyuki and Shun. Because you could rename Hiroyuki in that version, his first name would match whatever you chose. However, as we've gone quite a different way with him, I can't exactly tell you who or what he is. :P

That is actually pretty neat and mysterious. Maybe in the revisited version there might by more to Nanafuse which could be absolutely amazing. So far in my time playing I have encountered him 4 time, each time confusing me a lot. Lol

(2 edits) (+4)

Despite the question already being answered. Yeah, in the original, he's just a spirit given form by Shun and a name by Hiroyuki. And depending on who you go with during the test of courage, he'll either pop up as their old teacher Botan, show up once as Kounosuke, or show a glimpse of himself for a short few seconds. The problem is he's not meant to be recognized for exactly what he is.

If you do, he'll stop you and complete wipe all memory of him from you. But he will always show up when you least expect him.

If they do more to add to him, i'd be glad to see it. The only instances I've ever seen him play a deeper part is once during Juuichi's route and multiple times for Kounosuke's. But we'll have to wait and see what the creators do with him here.

That is actually pretty neat and mysterious. Maybe in the revisited version there might by more to Nanafuse which could be absolutely amazing. So far in my time playing I have encountered him 4 time, each time confusing me a lot. Lol

(2 edits) (-6)

Heyy I got a suggestion, can u guys make some intense NSFW moments?? Like animations or pick an action (😏) something like that? This will not affect how the story goes afterward, just purely for fun. Hope this make it in the game 😂

 PS: The game is really good man, brings back some memories from the old morenatsu, keep it up Stormsinger!! Tatsuki is super hot in this remake 😳🥵

when i download a new build i need to start over?

It is highly recommended as new condition flags may be added in newer builds. I do acknowledge that this isn’t ideal, and you are free to use your existing saves, but you do so at your own risk. The likelihood of errors increases exponentially when using an older save in a newer build.


Its probably something on renpy´s end but, i been playing the ios ver. and in the newest update the screen isnt full screen, it makes certain buttons harder to press, tho its probably because i am using an iphone 7, and it still has a home button so it doesnt fill the front of the phone, that might be cause of the resizing.


Thank you for reporting that. I have run a search and found it has been a bit of an issue in the past for other Ren'Py projects, but is easily fixed. I have implemented this adjustment and it should hopefully be rectified by the next build release.

Am I the only one that finds strange that everyone else has nipples, but Juuichi doesn't?

No you are not🗿

(1 edit) (+5)

Small rant on accessibility issues, beware of potential spoilers

I have to say: as someone with mobility issues, QTE's in VN's feels so out of place, especially for those of us who regularly use eye tracking / voice control / other special control systems to use our PC's

Luckily I can use a mouse, my issue is just with using one for more than an hour or two, but suddenly missing a QTE out of seemingly nowhere because the eye tracking "click" action takes a second, and then having to dig out a mouse, load a save and try again isn't too fun.

I'd like to see more authors add an option in preferences to either prolong the time you have to react to these events / a way to disable these events, if possible :)


Other than this, I'm loving this one so far :D

Edit: or add the option to use the keyboard to activate the button, as it seemed to ignore the usual arrows + enter to click....


This is actually a good criticism, and as a matter of fact, I'm considering coding in a way for using 1/2/3, or something similar for those QTEs. This may take a bit of time to get sorted, but thank you for bringing it to my attention. The last thing I want to do is be exclusive to those who need to use alternatives to clicking.


How can i download the new build with my progress from the other build?


If you're talking about using saves from 6.5 with 6.5.1, you can do so without issue, as no additional flags were added into the game between these versions. However, aside from that, it is not recommended to use save files from a previous build, as there is a higher potential for game-breaking errors.


I know that this game doesn't have a set schedule and Santa Lucia is the main focus, but are you going to try and keep a decently steady upload schedule? Not a firm one, but just a "we're going to try and upload every two months" or something. This game is great and I love it a lot, and I would just like to know if you're trying to keep a schedule or not.


I'd like to quote this line which is in the project description on this page:

Homecoming is a work in progress. Since we're a team of volunteers, work proceeds when we have the available time to spare. Because of this, it is unwise to commit to a rigid schedule. We will try to release an update at least once every two months, though with our rough schedules the periods can vary wildly. We thank you for your patience while we develop Homecoming!

I am glad that you are enjoying what has been released so far, and would like to assure you that we're working on this when we can, and while we can't exactly commit to a firm schedule, we will push out each release as soon as we can.


Out of all the weird character design changes, especially with Shun and aging him for what... US sensibilities? Why doesn't Kouya wink! That's his trademark. Also it's weird that you still kept was Kyouji's eyes closed, which I always hated that he never opens his eyes... makes it hard to connect with him. Also Kouya's face needs some work. The improvements of the characters I like are Kounosuke, Shin, and Soutarou. But yes they're all supposed to be high school students like the protagonist so making Shun 18 when he's supposed to be the youngest makes zero sense... also isn't Hiroyuki (you) supposed to be human? I always thought it was a self-insert.


Nota lot of people liked Shun being 16 also with maybe future content do you really wanna see Shun naked if he was 16? In the game Shun said he turned 18 a month ago so he technically is still the youngest. I do agree with you on Kouya though, He needs a little work on his design but that can wait until the story is finishes, I would like to have the story finished then them takeing the time to fix Kouya.


Regarding the character designs, we have stated on multiple occasions that these are subject to change. In addition, the reason Kouya doesn't wink is because we haven't provided that image yet. As far as the code goes, Kouya does have calls for a winking sprite, but for the moment, the image it uses is just his smiling sprite. Again, this is just temporary until we get additional sprite work done.

With Kyouji, we decided we wanted to keep his eyes similar to the original for one main reason. In Japan, "fox eyes" is a common trope used to identify when a character is very wise and reliable. Both of these are intrinsic qualities for Kyouji, and so, it was deemed appropriate to keep them like that.

The aging up of characters was done for one major reason: legality. While the national age of consent in Japan is 13, all prefectures have overridden this with their own age, most of which are around 17-18. While the original team could have gotten away with having sexual interaction with a 16 year old (who acts like an 8 year old), we won't. Not to mention, Soutarou was originally the youngest at 15, so yeah...there's that too. Now, Shun is the youngest of the group, even if he is 18, because he was the last to have his 18th birthday.

Finally, Hiroyuki: Originally, he was a self-insert, but therein lies the problem. Self-inserts are notoriously difficult to write for, especially for consistency purposes. The original game, as much as all of us in Stormsinger Studios enjoyed it, suffers from an extreme level of inconsistencies, especially where Hiroyuki is concerned. To remedy this, it was felt that making him have a specific personality and removing the self-insert aspects would be best. We have mentioned multiple times in the past about why we removed humans entirely. You can see this in the FAQ (which does admittedly need updating a bit).


I'm really enjoying the game so far. I do have a question though.

Are there any plan to make the "route" a bit more clear? Like in the original, how you used the map and could see who you're mainly hanging out with for an event. I noticed there are a few events where you go to them, and to get to the other event you have to blindly decline. Instead of making it blind, maybe adding a hint as to what happens if you "go do something else." Because sometimes the declines are just full event skips where there is no other alternate event, or it is a different event with a bunch of other characters, and it's really hard to tell without rewinding and checking both paths. I can understand some of the mystery, but it's annoying when "Not today" could mean "I go for a walk and find an entirely different event" or "I go home and sleep for the rest of the day.


I ran into this issue that then ran into a bunch of others after hitting ignore (this was after choosing not to do what comes up in the shop and occurs a few lines after exiting said shop on the 10th).


Yeah, this is unfortunately a bit of a bug with the Android build, which I will be rectifying ASAP. Tom (the creator of Ren'Py) has advised that the latest version of Ren'Py should fix this issue, and I will be releasing an update soon with this fix. Think of this future version as 6.5.1.

The unfortunate part is that I don't have an Android device myself. My family do, but they'd object to me using their devices as test subjects.

(1 edit)

ok so for the windows edition, i cant load my files, and it wont load any dialogue, keep pressing ignore and it doesnt load anything


Unfortunately, you will need to start fresh, as your save files aren't compatible with this update. The warning at the beginning mentions that it may be possible to Ignore your way past any errors, but this is not a guarantee.

damn… thank you


Great update . I love this game


Is there any rough estimation on the perfect route return date? The new update meant that I lost all my saves and if the guides are gonna be back shortly then I might just wait for them and use them to skip back to where I was.


Does the sun in the corner look more red or is it just me?

That dark orange sun is a placeholder. It is meant to indicate "early afternoon/pre-sunset". Once I think of an image to use to replace it, it'll be gone.


The UI showing us what we did is good or bad for a route is amazing.

But some people don't enjoy too much the feeling of being hand held, so, just to be sure, next update, add an option to justt hide those notifications. Shouldn't be so hard, and the more options we have the better anyway <3

Thanks for the update.


The option is there and has been there since the very first iteration of the Telltale system. Go into Preferences, and under Friendship Popups, set it to Off.

Dont wory im over 18 it gust that i not very good at english


So what is difrent between the april fools build to the build befor him?

The april fools build is meant as a joke. It's extremely over-the-top in its sexual content, there's no real story to it, it's just about how much everyone wants to have sex with the main character. The artwork is also of a lower quality to the main game.

Though being honest, your spelling and grammar make me wonder if english is just your second/third/fourth language, or if you're too young to be playing this to begin with...

  1. Sorry but how can i download the new build with all of my progres?

2. The april fools build will it chang somthing i mean will it be permanent in a way that i i will need to download the reel build and start all over agine ore i can after that delet the april fools build and start frome when i stopd?

The april fool's day one is a completely seperate thing. It doesn't change your main program at all.


I wish they'd update the google doc. It says it was last updated september of last year, but the last update to the game was november of last year. 

I'm fine with them taking their time and making this good, but transparency goes a long way and knowing the accurate state of things at the moment helps with waiting. 


Hey, I'm a bit late to the show, but I'd like to apologize for not updating the Google doc in a timely fashion. I had forgotten which email address I used for it (I have quite a few, hehe), and then eventually forgot about it.

I have since updated the document to show what is currently in progress. Hopefully it will give you some more insight.

Again, apologies for the delay.

Will there be "Ten's Route" in this Remake? I know it's a demo, but honestly... the remaster was amazing, and I was just wondering if there would be "new routes" in this remake? 🤔

I think they said Ten's route won't be in this version, but they might add elemts from it into other routes instead.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thinking about old stuff. I just played Ten's route to the end this week and finished today from it's very old/other version I got years ago.

Huh, people are still playing old morenatsu? I'm so glad I'm not the only one willing to let this gem die. Ten's route caught me completely off guard when it first came out on the revisited version (not this one) and I loved every second of it lol it gave me hope that morenatsu will be completed someday.

P.S: Cheers from a kitty to another... E de um Br para outro uwu

(1 edit)

Rio de Janeiro, 6 de Maio de 2021


Baixei a uns anos atrás mas tinha esquecido no HD. Fui fazer uma limpeza e achei entrei outros jogos e outras duas versões de Morenatsu (uma que tem que usar o programa para rodar versão japonêsa,  a qual foi a primeira estória furre  que joguei. A que tem quase todas as rotas completas só faltando 3, do cão, do Leão e do tigrão. =^.~= ).

Já aqui no Itch fiz uma listinha com mais de 300, misturados com jogos e quadrinhos. As vezes comento com algumas pessoas que encontro no Second Life sobre isso.



P.S.: Nasceu em 2020! Hehe Está no seu perfil. =^.~=

Uai tu baixa e esquece no HD por anos? Kkkkkkkk oh céus parece algo que eu faria. Minha primeira versão foi a japonesa também, precisa rodar com o Locale emulator. Coincidentemente morenatsu foi meu primeiro VN (acho que também foi de muitos). Infelizmente a rota que eu mais queria do nosso amado husbando torahiko nunca saiu :(

P.S: Não se deixe enganar uwu, o perfil pode ter nascido em 2020... mas, venho jogando bem antes que isso, morenatsu joguei em 2014/15. Começei a jogar outros vn la pra 2018 também. Criei a conta pq já estava começando a acompanhar vários criadores (e era um saco procurar 1 por 1).

(1 edit)

Miau, só quis avisar que você deve ter digitado 2020 no lugar de 00 pois disse que tinha 20 anos. Hehe Imaginei que nasceu em 2000. =^.~= É o testo que você escreveu no seu perfil.

Eu lembro de ter jogado para pegar o tigrão mas só nos meus sonhos. Falando de sonhos lembro que sonhei com o urso Juiichi quando estava jogando a rota dele. Ele vinha perto e min e passava a pata no meu traseiro. Acho que desenhei um e coloquei no Deviant Ser mas não era o Juiichi.

Apesar da rota dele só ter saído na outra versão mais curtinha quando vai pela rota do Juiichi.

Mas para rodar o jogo eu usei um programa que permitia os caracteres funcionarem. Um programa chamado HF pAppLoc. Se for isso.



P.S.: Tenho jogado uns jogos abandonados e tirando da lista para outra que nomeie de algo do tipo Furre Abandonados.

is this game close to finishing in terms of updates? 

also what characters have nsfw scenes and when?


Not really close at all.

Spoiler I think...

For the nsfw question there isn't really any. for Koya's route on the beach trip you see him naked also when you go with Tora for swimming you see a naked and cute otter.

Usually, in Visual Novels that focuses a little more on the story, you have more of a tease during the story and only gets nsfw at the end. That's the way normal VN's do. But some are kinda putting the NSFW in the entire VN. But since this is Morenatsu, they will probably add the NSFW at the end only.

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