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When is Nate's route gonna be available? I needed it

love this novel so much I hope you bring another update out soon in the future because I want to know what happens next

Are chris and Russell dateable?

No, however the left a survey for you to fill out, they take suggestions such as that and to why you'd want them to be dateable, so chances are that they MAY be dateable.

They are dateable if their patreon reaches a certain stretch goal :P

nice. Thank you

Lol When I started to get excited in see the dragon guy it sudden finish. Just after had... a no bear ride. Lol ...that reminded me of Moneratsu. Make me feel in love.


Overall, I am totally enamored by the game's world building and character creation. You guys have done such a great job and it shows. But can i just say, as someone who identifies as Latinx I really love the authenticity of Carlos as a character and I especially love the representation you guys are putting out. You'll have my support on Patreon so I hope you guys continue to keep up the great work!


Thanks! I'm glad Carlos is coming across well! Dzahn is half Mexican, so he tries to integrate a little bit of his experiences when writing the character.


Awesome game! I could write how badass the game is, but I'm too lazy for it, I'll save for when the game is done hahaha

oh, the squeezing here is missing a "u"


Indeed it is, thank you for pointing it out! I'll have it fixed in the next update hehe

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Man this game looks amazing. At first I just brushed this off but I've taken a liking to it especially now that you added the newest expression of Chris.  I mean who doesn't like a geeky upperclassmen with hyper active personality? Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you!


This looks so amazing! I like all of their personalities! 

Also, Chris and Nate are so cute! Nate will be my first choice, and I saw that Chris to be a dateable character is your second goal, so I can't wait for that to happen!

Thanks, hehe!

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Will Chris Like Russel be dateable for a patron goal?

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its all on their patreon and it seems that any character mentioned in this description LI, mentors and, friends all could have routes as patreon stretch goals

Yes! Chris is the second stretch goal route on our Patreon!

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if I'm honest I just really like this game and I had a suprising amount of fun translating the nightmare after realising the thing about them there still a few words that confuse me in the seqeunce but they'll probably be explained

I'm glad you like it ^^

Will Russel be date able

There's a very good chance he will someday! He's our first stretch goal route on Patreon, so if we ever receive enough funding we'll begin development of a route for him.


The "pendejo" part was hilarous. I take that Carlos speaks spanish. 

Yeah, he does! Carlos is Mexican American and was raised in a household that spoke Spanish almost exclusively.

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It`s just that I am from México, so I DO KNOW the meaning of that word (I happen to use it frequently XD)


this visual novel is one of the best I have ever played,keep up the good work,quick question: do you upload updates monthly?,also carlos is my favorite :3


Yes! Our updates are monthly, and we just uploaded a new build for everyone to enjoy, hehe!

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Why you all hating on Chris? He be such a sweetheart!


He's an asshole xD


Gotta protecc the precious Aussie! ^^

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Will sam be a love option?

Even though there isn't a lot of interaction with him, he managed to be my favourite character.😁😍🤩


No promises, but if there's enough demand over time I might consider something special for the panther hehe!

I would love it too. The one that appeared to carry his luggage?

Really I just thought of him carring me to his room when I saw him.

I was about to ask that too. Being an strong gentlemanly cat could be expanded perhaps even? With classes or majors even


How is Sam even more hot now?



I was really enjoying the whole theater act, somehow even Bryan adds something to the act


Yeah, his jackass attitude and attemp to sabotage Carlos totally backfired. Best part ever xD


I had a lot of fun writing that sequence! I didn't originally have Bryan's interaction planned in my outline, but I went with it anyway because it just felt right in the moment X)

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I concur, It really felt like something the character would do, and helped all three of the characters on the stage shine. 


The intro nightmare had even me feeling uneasy lol... The music, art, dialogue, and everything else is amazing so far in this project. Got me hooked right off the bat, just like morenatsu did~ Def gotta hop on your patreon asap ^^


Thanks! Glad the intro worked, hehe!


I-I just noticed the nostalgic reference to Morenatsu... Awww I'm so enjoying this!!


But, the burning that really him? ;D

O-oh... I'll refrain from giving my answer out!

Just played the demo. Loved it 🥰

Waiting for more.

That group photo was awesome too and it's just a WIP. Wondering how awesome will be the finished art. Just Chris was a bit too different from his Sprite. I was thinking at the start that it was someone else 🤣 or maybe it's? 😨

I got a little freaked out at the beginning, thinking that it would be a crazy game with only bad things, like ECHO, but hope not 🥺

Also...Bryan grin is scary, even though some times it was intended to be a flirty grin 🤣🤣 To me that is the most important thing to change in the future :P

He reminds me of Darius from Extracurricular Activities, but with a psycho smile. It's like the lost evil brother of Darius 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, awesome work. Keep going that you guys are gonna go far ☺️👌🏻

Thank you!
A lot of what you see in the game right now is a work in progress, so expect things to change and improve down the line!

yeah, I understand. The game is in progress overall haha 

Waiting for the next updated ^-^

Also, the team doing this game is the same that is remaking Morenatsu? Cuz if it's that would be a lot of work lol

You are partially right. Stormsinger Studios is divided into two teams. One is working on Morenatsu Homecoming and one on Santa Lucia.

Have fun playing their games~


Liking the game so far, particularly Bryan and Carlos. Though I have to admit that Zach has picked my interest. Can't wait to see more of this fine game! :) 

Thank you! ^^


The dragon has to be my favorite character. Can't wait for him to be a romance option.


I can't either, hehe!


Please tell me Chris is an option.  I don't know why, but his character I have fallen in love with already.  I just hope he'll be an option.

I went to there patreon and it seems that there patreon goals add each character as a route in this order Russel, Chris, Zach then, Karina


Chris is the second stretch goal route option on our Patreon! If we get enough support, he very well could become a love interest!


I really hope so.  I'd be so upset if he didn't. Honestly is one of my favorite characters in any of these types of games already, and that's just off a version one?  it's impressive, I'll tell you what


Will Zach be a romance option? I really like his character. 

There's a good chance he will someday! He's the third stretch goal route we have, so if we get enough funding he'll enter development!

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Will Zach be a love interest? There the only character I’m really interested in. 

When the $1800 Patreon stretch goal is reached, Zach will get a route.

I wish he was the first goal. Imo he is the most interesting character.

I agree He's the only resone I have any interest in this right now. 

Zach is the third stretch goal route we have planned for the game. If we get enough funding, he very well could become a love interest!

I would die for Carlos @u@


I loved every second of this, can't wait to see more of it... 

the characters are so earnest and heartfelt ! Nate is really precious, burst out laughing more than once during his icebreaker scene... russel immediately won me over too, and im very curious about the dragon character! Here's hoping you'll hit those stretch goals, i'll be sure to contribute

Thanks, hehe! I'm glad the characters are coming across well!

Alright, so I switched from full screen to windowed mode and the game had a stroke; the background and character sprites disappeared, the text box was punctuating every line with ghost words, the 'history' tab was a complete mess, and when I tried going back to the main menu, the game reported an exception. This happens whenever I switch between full screen and windowed mode... Other than this, I'm enjoying myself so far!

Thank you for the report!
Looking into it, it turns out it was an issue with the Renpy code base when the build was made. After testing it with an updated base, it shouldn't be a problem anymore. The fix should be implemented by the next public build!

Great! Looking forward to the new build!

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Chris is too cute :3 I'm like, why don't I get to do icebreakers with best boi?


If you think he's cute now, you haven't seen anything yet! ;D


I eagerly await ^_^


Amazing game.

Thank you!


I'm only about half-way through the vn and i already would love to see chris as a love interest


Chris is so cute <3
But that is one of the stretch goal on their patreon, so go support them if that is the case :3

Chris is the second stretch goal route option on our Patreon! If we get enough support, he very well could become a love interest!

Sam can carry my luggage anytime




Will that Dragon that was shy, be a romantic option?


Yeah, he's one of the stretch goals on our Patreon! ^^


for those that are interested the phrase on the seal above means : Remember You Will Die, and its also the same motto as the school from A Series Of Unfortunate Events,

According to the artist Devilizer, who's French, the motto "Memento Mori" is very common for schools in France, too.

This is a great first build with an nice start with the story and a Great cast of characters but from all the characters even tho he appear once Zach is my favorite so far. I hope he can became more then a friend. 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The romance route for Zach is a stretch goal on our Patreon, so hopefully we hit it some day hehe...

fist off i love this game so fair and cant wait for more and two i did not know you guys made this game as well as Homecoming Morenatsu Revisited i love both games and hope that both well be amazing when done <3

Thank you, hehe!

i mean i hope... no they well be great when they are both done :)

what does those three lines say? (if it mean something in english)

The one who will never win returns to fight again.

Death comes for all.

Kneel before me and pray for salvation.


Will there ever be a Russell route ? Or it's gonna be only this three guys?


Russell is the first of our stretch goal routes on Patreon. If we manage enough funding, we'll be able to allocate time to write routes for Russell, Chris, Zach, and Karina down the line.


Great visual novel with a lot of potential in the future! Each character has their own quirks and I love them. I'm already happy with what I see out of this... More than excited to see updates!

Thanks hehe!


I have to say I was quite impressed with this, definitely exceeded my expectations. Character design is top-notch too. Looking forward for whatever comes next!

By the way, what is the planned update schedule for this game, is it on a monthly basis? 


We're looking to have the next update available to our patrons on November 1st. Since we just released the first build, the side is most likely going to see the next public build on December 1st since we have it set up so our patrons get access to the newest builds one month early. After that first period, you can expect to see new builds here monthly ^^

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