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In “Santa Lucia”, you take on the role of a young cat named Ben in his first semester at the University of Santa Lucia. As a child, Ben was prone to crippling headaches and blackouts. One night in his first year of high school, these pains culminated in a terrifying nightmare, which marked the beginning of recurring night terrors which have plagued his life ever since then.

Still, Ben manages to maintain an optimistic view of life, looking forward to the change of pace university has to offer. As you experience Ben's first semester, you'll encounter a wide cast of colorful characters, several of whom you'll be able to pursue a romantic relationship with. However, some nights Ben still has those headaches which caused him so much grief growing up. Will you be able to live your first semester of university to the fullest, or will the pains eventually overwhelm you?


Santa Lucia is an adult-oriented visual novel being developed by a branch team of Stormsinger Studios. This game has been DzahnDragon’s baby for years and is what he initially set out to build experience for with the Morenatsu Revisited project. Dzahn and Devilizer aim to create an engrossing drama about a young man’s first experience with college life, hopefully bringing back nostalgic memories for readers who have gone through something similar.

This visual novel is intended for adults only and will feature graphic depictions of homosexual relationships. There are also depictions of violence and trauma that readers may find disturbing.

Please exercise discretion and be 18 years or older before downloading the demo!



The protagonist, Ben is an incoming freshman at the University of Santa Lucia. Sociable but easy to embarrass, Ben is the kind to stick his neck out for those he considers friends.


Chris and Russell are the upperclassmen who individually take on mentorship roles for Ben. Chris is Ben’s university-appointed “Student Mentor”, guiding him through the first semester with advice and support, while Russell is the cool dude who happens to take a liking to our “fish out of water” cat.


Your classmates in the same mentorship group under Chris. These are the three characters Ben has the opportunity to pursue a relationship with over the course of the game. Bryan is an up and coming football star, while Nate has his sights set on someday being on Broadway. Carlos is the kind who keeps his head down, working hard to eventually become a lawyer.


Karina is one of your old friends from elementary school who by chance happens to be attending the same university as you after not seeing each other for years. Your friendship continues almost as if it never ended.

Zach is your roommate for Freshman year. Be careful, he’s very shy and extremely introverted! Hopefully Ben’s able to connect with him, otherwise it’s going to be a long semester…



New builds of Santa Lucia will be uploaded to itch.io approximately one month after they've been available to our supporters on Patreon. To keep up with the latest news and exclusive content, consider supporting the project on Patreon!


Stormsinger Studios



Santa Lucia is being developed using the Ren'Py engine.


Disclaimer: Santa Lucia is a work in progress! Art assets, music, writing, UI are all subject to change over time and will not necessarily be the same between builds! Please be patient as we work to make the game the best it can be!

Thank you for your interest in our project! We look forward to and appreciate your continued support!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(679 total ratings)
AuthorStormsinger Studios
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Furry, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Romance, Superhero, Synthwave, Thriller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityBlind friendly


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Thank you so much from Brazil i see you're a developer with a non-binary mind,if you're feeling adventurous do a route for the Squirrel Girl (forgot her name now it's been a while since i played your game) which can make Ben a bisexual guy and it can appeal for the straight players too like me (i am either that or bisexual nowadays i'm more attracted to girls)  too i also want Chris and the other guys route and i see many other people want too,i'm up for anything visual novel games with all options like Under The Bridge and Echo are my favourites!

cant wait for the update

Can I please name all the music playing in the game? Or at least the one that played at the moment where Ben allegedly has sex with Brian, I don't remember which chapter it is, she really sunk into my soul ehehe..


We all need a ManyMarco in our lives...cuddling is amazing.

(3 edits) (+1)

Spoilers/theorycrafting crazy person:

I know Ben doesn't remember much of his nightmares/dreams, but he dreamed of Hernandez's death. He had a nightmare of being called to jump down to his death and then start floating down a river...... Not to mention the bridge scene from before. There were quite a few death messages from other characters too. I don't doubt that the suspicious person Zach saw may have had something to do with it (perhaps the white cream colored coat is a clue). However, since Zach heard the call, perhaps so did Hernandez and perhaps that's all it took. I know Chris looks sus with him having been held up, but I know he didn't do it. Since he apparently dreamt up Hernandez's speech, I'm surprised he didn't ask anyone if any of what he heard was true... Did she secretly join a group every year? Was that her favorite location? Was she on the board for its conservation? There was no way for him to have access to that information if it is true. I suppose that would just freak me out more, but at least I'd know I'm not entirely crazy, idk? My name is Ben, and I speak to the dead, or rather, they speak to me.

I love this story so damn much. Playing through the most recent update at the moment.


I have a question
Why is the extra content (music, images, concept arts, etc) available only in the Patreon version? Isn't stuff like that usually free to see? (since we already see those images and hear the music in-game, why is it paid to explore them in the gallery?)



They need income sources too and no, this is a common source of money. This is only fair. They are working hard for their patreon members, including us who are enjoy the story without any purchase.

I also respect that. Imagine they are giving everything free is like they have no safety behind their backs. Since they made their vn with commercial purposes getting money, means they have some safety like copyright things, so the vulture people can't steal their stuff.

So i have a question since it's been a while, does russel is still getting his own route? Im not talking about when (i'd assume main routes will be finished first) but more about if its still happening ^^u


Russell is getting his own route however the Patreon goals routes will be started on after the first main three are finished

huh? for the first time i cant download the file

ive always been able too before

Hmm.. do you need to open up some space on whatever your using? I've had that issue a couple times so I deleted a few things, then tried redownloading and that seemed to work for me lol (you might have already thought of this so plz don't hurt me 😅)

forgot to say all i did was restart my pc and it worked

sweet I'm glad that worked for you! 😁

(1 edit)

Is it weird that sometimes I'll open the game, load a save, and then just listen to the music?


Not weird at all, It's got some great music!! Also I see you comment a lot on this game, must be really enjoying it lol. I don't blame you though because honestly me too, deheh


Guilty as charged, eheheh...


I'm loving this story and it's characters so much!! But... Ugh... If Ben isn't pissing me off right now.. smh


Seriously! Ben, there's a damn murderer on the loose and you're just wilding out! Like, he's literally seen it multiple times and isn't changing anything about how he lives his life. What are you doing lmao

(2 edits) (+2)

Omg.. For real though!! Like I just want to reach through my phone and give him a good couple of slaps! Why Ben?! Your supposed to be one of the smart ones!! But you gotta admit that this rollercoaster is one heck of a ride! Hahaha


Ben is not even written to be a smart person, he's very misguided that some of the main cast calls him out on it. Does he change throughout the story? I don't think so but I'm kinda hoping there would be a trajectory with his character where he ends up becoming an anti-villain of sorts, it'd be different to see that.


While I agree that he's not the smartest, I do believe he's supposed one of the smart ones (in my opinion at least). Maybe not school smarts, but some of his insights and ways of thinking along with his daydreaming habits tells me he puts a lot of thought into what he does. He doesn't always necessarily act on them, or think about consequences too much, but he does at least think about them. To me that seems like he has the capability, but who knows lol maybe I'm not that smart either 😅


I saw "Last played 1 year ago" and I was like TF! but I remembered that its now 2023 happy new year all!


nice storytelling as always but I have a question. Is Kane gonna have a route or at least a side route because that wolf man deserves some more screen time and some love.


Can't say I know for sure at this point. He's definitely a lot more popular than some of the alternatives in the side cast, but it was never my intent as a developer to have love interests outside the main cast. I'll admit I'm quite a fan of the wolf myself, so we'll have to see how things develop and grow over time before I make a decision one way or the other on this topic.

aw snap I wasn’t expecting the developer himself to reply, I’m honored lol. But please do consider it down the line. I would love for Ben to start a relationship with Kane. Plus you did say you like him too so please make it happen.

Love the game so much I have the lyrical version of saliena and the flying rat as my phone ringtone

(1 edit) (+2)

Okay, at this point, I have a hell of a lot of questions.
One of them being: On the 15th and 30th of September, what's the song that plays when that lady gets... er... offed in an alley by the Red Cloak?


This makes total sense now. 😮😂


S-so...September 19th on Bryan's route, amirite?

Okay, so...

How do you know my life beat for beat, and have written Nate to be exactly me?

(1 edit) (+1)

exactly they just knew exactly what i would want personally nate is my favorite 


Alright, listen up! (slams fist into Stormsinger's desk) Please give us more interactions with the panther mentor. Please, I am begging you


the "Panther Mentor" can go fuck himself

HAHAHAHA Be nice 🤣🤣


We're so close to the answer. 😫


How tall is Carlos? He looks looks taller Bryan and Nate.


Carlos is the tallest member of the main cast.


i got to say pls make one of the characters like yandere


Anyone else who cant stand Karina? Anyone who knows a Karina IRL.😂


Karina's kind of an icon, but she gets on my nerves sometimes lmao. Like how can you be Ben's relationship counselor but miss every single red flag in your own relationships? You can afford to raise your standards, you're worth more than that ma'am 💀

(1 edit)

She goes through more more men than I do with water!
How the hell does that happen!?

me honestly she is almost exactly like the karina in the game it's strange


I already like Russell
And I just started.


...........What the hell do I do?
Russell or Chris? Who do I pick?

(1 edit) (+3)

pls make russell a love interests but as a secret route since some games have a secret route like Camp buddy with Tyga but as not so Secret too pls pls do this for the people who has the hot for him


You're in luck because after the first three routes get finished Russell is getting a route along with Chris and Zach!


Where did they say this?


They reached the Patreon goals for them several months ago


(on Android) I can't seem to find the install dir. Usually, apps are installed in "Main storage/Android/data/"
When I install an update for a VN, I manually copy the saves to a temp location, and insert them again. I can't really do that here. Probably it's installed in data, but with a generic name I won't spot, or know to search for :(

It may have to do with the android version.

When you insall an app, it should appear in the notification bar. Clicking on it from there will automatically send you to either : install the said app, or to update if you already have it pre-exisiting in your phone

No I use a third party file browser, standard android apps do not give you access to the filesystem.
My fault though, the "Android\data\santa.lucia\" folder is not generated before you create a savegame file, and I hadn't done that on this install (I forgot).

I know I could just install it on top of the existing, but that doesn't always work, and I wouldn't recommend it.
Thanks anyway :)

If I may ask, why wouldn't you recommend it ?

I've always done the approach to update apps / VNs on top of their exisiting apk, and it almost always has worked without issues. Should I stop doing so ?

(1 edit) (+1)

Mobile apps are designed as complete packages, not as incremental updates. I would never install an application on top of an older version, as you don't know which files are kept, and which files are replaced. The creator must really be vigilant when creating a new installer, and mistakes happen. Obviously, we don't reinstall windows whenever there's a new update - which is every 5 minutes these days, but that's created differently. To give you another example; When you update your GPU driver, you would prefer the "clean install" option, to make sure all relevant files are updated, and no bad mix of old and new files exist.

Since I can't be sure.. I'll always remove the app, before installing a new version.
Often, removing it will not removed the save game folder, but sometimes it will.

That's my opinion anyway :)

Thank you for explaining. I see now 😁


Ah yes drink pain killer with soda, and then drink ice coffee, i wonders how can he still alive lol


i feel like this is the type of horror where you actually the murder lol

I mean the first nightmare in the plane said ben feel happy looking at that genocide dream for some reason 

So split personality or something like that maybe 

Just finished patreon version and wooooow. Really wondering if brian gets jelaous on another guys who are gonna sleep with ben

(1 edit) (+1)

i really love the characters, and the story is well paced depending on each route,i really recommend it, you can feel there's lots of love and effort put on to it ! again, i recommend!

(3 edits) (+1)

Is there a neutral route in Santa Lucia? Or is one is intended to be? I would love to appreciate the story with the friends and mentors casts, or maybe if we can stop a route during the story idk... I'm not sure if this seems clear enough

Minor Spoilers of chaper 13:

I'm thinking there is because of this CG of day 13 in the game page, where we see Ben alone watching the sunset. Or, this is not supposed to happen, and a love interest would join him in the CG


I've been juggling the idea of making a neutral route that focuses just on the main plot for those who aren't interested in the romance content. Just a concept right now, but we'll see if there's enough demand for something like that.


That should be interesting! A story more focused on the characters aside the love interests to learn more about them, if the team feel audacious!


It took me 55 hours to finish one route and i can say that this game is truly a masterpiece.


Is any route done now?




which path is avalaible ? 




I have a question,

Can you delete the previous apk files if you have the newest?

I am able to do so on my tablet. It should be under "files".


When's the new update coming out for the public and not just patreons because I can't wait much longer I want to know what's going to happen once Zach finds out that everyone that he has invited to his party came


Theres one update per month.. everytime on the first day of the month

(1 edit)

I just love this game.. 

i need some help im trying to find the first Carlos dream sequence but i keep getting either Bryan's or Nate's 

just choose a lot of options that goes on his side i think

thats the thing i keep choosing him but i still end up with one or the other


I don't think he has one.

(1 edit)

huh? thats weird why wouldnt he?


Are you talking about the sexual dreams? Because those dreams are the ones without Carlos in it I can't exactly explain it properly in engish so I apologize if it doesn't make sense but maybe since Carlos route is more of a slow burn route it would take a while unlike the other two until we would see that with Carlos while the other two are more fast paced in terms of romance and nsfw which is why we have those two but not him. 

Is this Completed?


No, but there's quite a bit of content to enjoy.


will we be able to but the patron content, gallery etc. for some a one ti e purchase might be easier then monthly costs

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