A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Santa Lucia is a four act furry visual novel calling back to the era of FVNs from the second half of the 2010’s. It features elements of mystery, drama, slice-of-life, romance, and suspense. It is intended for adults only and contains graphic depictions of violence, psychological trauma, nudity, and homosexual intercourse. You must be 18 years or older to play.

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University is a rite of passage for many. 

...but for Bennett Rivers, things are never that simple. Though he never means to be a trouble maker, misfortune seems to follow the cat wherever he goes. Abandoned by his mother, alienated from his father, the only sources of stability in Ben’s life were his friends and his sister...but now that they’re gone, he needs to be able to pick up the pieces more than ever.


Which may have been easier if it weren’t for the horrible dreams. Ever since a childhood accident left him hospitalized, Ben has suffered from chronic and intrusive nightmares most nights. Grim fortunes, unpleasant memories, terrifying monsters...eventually it all started to blur together. Now an incoming student at the University of Santa Lucia, Ben hopes to put his past behind him and look towards a brighter future.

Unfortunately for him, fate seems to have other plans…



New builds of Santa Lucia will be uploaded to itch.io approximately fifteen days after they've been available to our supporters on Patreon. To keep up with the latest news and exclusive content, consider supporting the project on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/stormsingerstudios


Santa Lucia features several tweaks players can make to adjust the game to their needs.

No Screen Flashes – Removes quick bright animations that can potentially be painful to viewers or trigger epilepsy.

No Adult Content – Also known as the “Safe For Work” mode (very valuable for streamers!), this setting automatically skips past content that could trigger censors. It is also useful for players who would like to experience the romance content, but prefer to not have any explicit sexual material on screen.

No Romance Content – This setting disables the romance content in Santa Lucia. This is useful for players who prefer to focus on the story or are not invested in the homosexual romance aspect of the game.


DzahnDragon – Project Director, Lead Writer, Lead Musician, Programmer, Background Images, Sound Design

Devilizer – Character Design, Sprite Artist, CG Artist, UI Design, Secondary Writer

Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys – Guest Musician


Disclaimer: Santa Lucia is a work in progress! Art assets, music, writing, UI are all subject to change over time and will not necessarily be the same between builds! Please be patient as we work to make the game the best it can be!

Thank you for your interest in our project! We look forward to and appreciate your continued support!


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SantaLucia-Build_49_February2024-mac.zip 617 MB
santa.lucia-release49.apk 644 MB
SantaLucia-Build_49_February2024-linux.tar.bz2 613 MB

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It's nice to see some good religious representation with Carolos as a Christian, can't wait to see whats done with the character. 


When is the next Nate update coming out?


There's a few more Carlos updates coming, and then it will be Nate's turn!

whats the password stuff about?


Can someone clearly say whose routes will be available in the game in the future, except for the main three? Chris, as I understand, was canceled, Russell was replaced by Kane, or what?

I haven't read this VN for a long time, and the comments contradict each other...


They're all getting something but as for what it will be no one is sure

Oh, thank you. I was hoping that maybe the developers would respond, but perhaps even they don't know:)

They do know but they can't say much because it would spoil a lot about the inner workings of the game


Kane route got just confirmed on Patreon

Thanks for letting me know, I was also hoping for Chris, but that probably won't be happened.

Idk how much I can reveal, but Dzahn is happy because it gives him a lot of opportunities to make Chris a lot more interesting character. Kane's route had 70% votes in poll, so it's obvious win

When is the next update on Nate's route going to come out? Also when this vn is finished How much is it going to cost to download or will it be free?

For the patreon version, are the love interests the same or are there more options?

I'm just guessing since im not a patron, but im assuming the amswer is no. The love interests we have are the same for both patreon and public, the difference being is that the patron build is ahead in the story 


So Russel is not a route?  Guess Carlos will have to do then...  Everybody else are either annoying or just not my taste

I cant install it either, it stops at like around 70% and then just says forbidden. I havent had this happen in a long time. 😭😭


is all 3 gallery room going to be open to none Patreons when this vn is fully complete? 

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Kane is straight up boyfriend material not pushy, nice, handsome, fit, smart, gamer, and most importantly HIS A WOLF!! PLEASE I NEED MORE KANE!!! HE SO PRECIOUS PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST!!

(Theory spoiler maybe) 

According to any murder mystery movies and stuff I feel like Chris the Aussie behind all this... Acting all innocent and such idk why he giving off serial killer vibe... It's just a theory of mine.. 

(1 edit)


I think the protagonist is the serial killer having dual personality and its nightmares are part of blured dream memories he remember of when his other side is controlling his body or his other side trying to get ride of him in his head to take control in those dream fights.

At least some of them.

In worse case the end since that a terror story would be...

He killing the protagonist boyfriend in the end of the story and when he back to his normally personality the protagonist remember what happened suicide to put a end in the murders.

Maybe reading Echo really fucked my mind to much.

dunno why kind  agreed with the statement maybe he is... But.......... If the protagonist actually real serial killer.... Why he didn't take the opportunity to end Zack life or Kane.. 

During dating part with Kane why he didn't just ya know... End Kane life right there... 

Literally anyone around protagonist actually can be killed..... If his a real killer he would take that opportunity to end them one by one.. But... Rather then.... Strangers... 

(3 edits)


This is easy!

If that happened Kanes route would just... ends without start?

About Zack, the author must love him to much to kill him. Heheh

But if in serious way. Probably if that happen he may suffer some accident or die when he discover the serial killer, since....


He is the one investigating the murders in the story.

Since the story is around 70% done I think. I don't expect some other character replacing  him in the story. That naturally use thappen by someone close to a character continuing the investigation.

(A last though I had is about the lion. Thinking about the girl that people think he raped could be one of the murders, since the girls just disappeared from everywhere I think. In this case he pretending he is innocent in the raping when in the real he killed her.)

You got point there rusel probably the killer I mean she literally disappeared.. I mean it does connect all em dots these innocents who brutally got killed are college students... (Including the bird , principle whatever her name is) 

But... During my research.. (Idk why this and violet memoir got me thinking about these stuff... Murder mystery always been my interest)... I think either Chris the Aussie or rusel the lion these two probably the killer because all these innocent fools who got fucked (sorry...) Are college student (maybe)... So it's kind a... Either Chris nor rusell... And there's no way Ben was the one who killed them.. He hardly know them... Same thing goes to Chris and rusel but... They are mentor.. They have... Idk information about each student... 

(Sorry if there's was any grammar mistake it's night I can't think of any proper words..) 

I really hope that the killer didn't do it... You know... Kill one of side character... ESPECIALLY KANE... I SWEAR IF HE DIES I WILL CRY AND THE CREATOR NEED TO PAY MY THERAPY BILLS... 

(Most of them the side character either died or disappeared) 


So you should avoid stories like Echo.

While reading it I become very disturbed for weeks it is really a deep terror story.

With a lot of sadness and moments or horror with bad ends.

Even the "good ends" are like bad ends.

Trembling in fear,


P.S. I only didn't read the route of the girl in Echo.

Back to Santa Lucia. I have been reading Carlos and Brian routes.

Now thinking about the part of the fortune teller,  maybe going to have options, if those are not already added to the story, which chooses can change the end of the story doing the dog save or not save someone. In case that part was used to tell us a tip of the future with good options doing him help and bad options do him be bad. Maybe. Maybe I should read that part again.

I would like a sex scene with Chris. But is ok if he is asexual.

why did the carlos route had to end in the worst moment ;(


So you can romance whom exactly? Carlos, Nate, Bryan and whom else? Can I romance Russell as well?


For now those are the only 3 routes. More routes are planned in the future

Is there an error in android?

I can't seem to download for some reason and it stops at 50mb constantly.


Bryan's route be like:
-Cute guy
-Kane :3
-Kane :3
- :(


It really does have you looking hard for kane. Some don't want to forgive Bryan.


Perfectly said, tbh I think I'm one of those, waiting for the Kane route


Carlos is soooo cute , really want to hug him tight and kiss him


I want to hug Carlos so badly right now...

Bro, I litteraly hear carlos say "I love you" in Spanish and he played it off as "Thank you" and ben fell for is SO HARD. Like, dude, he litterally said he loves you indirectly...bro, I'm so ma


Ben is super fking creepy in this update and I don't know how I feel about it but I do know how much second hand embarrassment I am feeling right now.


I changed my mind, I definitely hate it. Ben please stop.

did kane or chris win the vote? 

the vote is going on until December although considering it's likely the both of them are getting something of some kind it doesn't matter much at all


Finally getting somewhere with Carlos, I'm really happy because  he is adorable and the relationships in this game are believable since most of them are a really slow burn unlike 99% of VNs. 


So ready for Carlos update :)

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Justice for Kane he needs sum love the poor guy. 

Just finished reading the newest update. Loved it!


Carlos route = yummy slow burn

(im burnt)


I'm the only one who wants ALL of the canine dudes?

#based #allforthebase

No I feel the same 😅


Finally got through the update and I think I got at leas one element going on thanks to the 10/3 heart to heart with Russell and an earlier scene.

Theory Includes Spoilers

I think Ben's a receiver for what's going on. Like a radio tuned into the red eyed shizz-nasty. The thing that clinched it for me is the scene on the bridge where he thought about jumping waaaay back in like the first week or so. He noticed Russell on the roof of his apartment immediately afterwards. After the bomb that gets dropped at Zach's b-day I think Ben wasn't being urged necessarily, maybe part of it. I think he was tuned into Russell's mental state.

He's actually tuning into other people's thoughts and feelings during the other PoVs. If so the level of foreshadowing that went into it all the way back at the beginning is pretty damn baller!!!


wait a minute now…… so is there still potential for Kane to have a route down the line? Because like I said before that man deserves all the love man. So please give that lovable wolfman his own route.


Right now a vote is going on Patreon in regards to that


mannnnn, I hope Kane wins, he deserves all the love man. Plus he seems like genuinely likes and cares for Ben. 

so who won?

Wait a minut  maybe i missed an episode, but who is kane?(you can spoil me if he's from the last update)

He's introduced in Bryan's route as part of the frat and lets his space be a refuge for Ben when he's overwhelmed. He seems to just be a genuinely good guy who wants to do right by his brothers and their friends.

Oh, in the natest update? I didn't do bryan's route, only carlos and nate ones


Understandable. I say from my place on the 'Carlos defense squad' ramparts.


Amazing update with beautiful ending. I'm totally amazed and my libido is skyrocketing now <3


A great ending for a great update! Loved it!


please i need a Chris route right now please I need i

Hardly same

Deleted 109 days ago
Deleted 109 days ago

Fraternity hazings happen a lot. And many students have died because of them. It's a shame they still happen.

I also hated how Ben became a slut because of Bryan, it was bad enough how incredibly unlikable Ben is, this just made him repulsive... and what Ben did to his ex was awful too. Honestly, I CANNOT get into the romance of this VN at all. The relationships are incredibly toxic, it's off-putting. Maybe that's set up for some great character development near the end, but still... it's not nice nor enjoyable, so far.

Deleted 109 days ago

Thanks for promote the vn, now I hard download this for see myself if this true or not.


I don't think the problem is Ben wanting to have casual sex, I think the real problem and why I personally dislike Bryan's route is that Ben DOESN'T want that. This route makes you feel bad because you know that in the end Ben just wants to be with Bryan in a closed relationship and is willing to do everything he does just for the chance that he will change his mind, he's betraying himself trying to be like Bryan. In my opinion I think that Bryan's route should never even give you the option to be with him, something like Leo's route from Echo, he is not good for Ben and I think that either being alone or with Kane would make such a better option for him, being with him is the actual bad ending.

SPOILERS... (kinda?)


Hmmm... The reptile caught my interest


Panda aside, in one hand we have the slit promise and the other the fat base so_


I did not realize that Russell was heterochromatic.


This game really is in one of my top 3 now 


Ive just finished Bryan's route and GOD it was SO GOOD! Keep up the amazing VN and remember to take a break every now and then! Dont push yourself too much! (as push past my limits of sleep requirement... eh heh... anything for an amazing story and VN)


Hi there!
I am creating a collection of fully blind accessible games, and your game is listed under the "blind support tag".  The word "blind" means different things to different people, and within that wide spectrum their are various levels of expertise with visual UI's.  but as a fully blind gamer, I am wondering what features this game provides for those who can not see the screen at all.  Do you have "screen reader" or "text to speech" support?  Is your game fully playable with a keyboard or controller, rather than having to point the mouse at buttons on the interface? If the answer to those questions is no, it would still be great to know what options are provided for those with less severe visual impairments, so that I might make them aware of your game's usability for them.  Thank you for any information you can provide, it's very much appreciated! :)

The game has a text to speech feature in it and you can indeed play the game with a controller


Great to hear!  How do you enable the text to speech option?
Also, is their a textual list of controls in the game or elsewhere?  And are all UI elements accessible via controller or keyboard?
Are important visuals described in any way, such as with "alt text"?  And do visual indicators have text alternatives? I.E icons to show status of a control, for instance.
Thank you for the response :)

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Haven't played this novel in a year, about a year + 4-6 months to be exact. I'm glad to see how the plot and characters develop, it will be interesting to see how everything ends up. I was quite shocked that Chris' route was cancelled, but a year later, after going through the last update, I understood why everything got such a turn. Kane came out as an interesting independent character, I'm glad that he will be given attention, that he will get his route. Nice to see the project progressing. I will follow further.


i love this game and i am glad that chris isn't datable i didn't like him at all. and i am hyped by kane. and i will be patient for russel route, that lion deserve love

But Chris has an extremely high cuteness level. :)


yeah but the way he act or when he talked bad behing russel back make me belive to not trusting him. i feel like something was off with him. i would had loved to have the choice to trust or not trust russel when they were on camping or whatever they were.


silly silly panda

it would be kinda funny if Brian is in love with Ben and doesn't even realize it himself.


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