Homecoming Project Update (August 2022)

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, but we figure this was a special enough date for us to give you all an update on how things are going for Homecoming.

Last update saw us finish Tatsuki’s entire route, and the reception for it, which has been for the most part very positive, has given us quite a lot to chew on.

Since then, we’ve been working on settings things up the for next update. Work on it has been a bit slower than we would like, but life has a way to get, well, in the way.

Alongside that, Santa Lucia (our other game, for those of you who don’t know!) has reached an important part in its development cycle, and we’ve dedicated most of our time to it to make sure we make those events as good as they can be. If you guys haven’t played it, now is an ideal time to jump in!

But what does it mean for Homecoming? The reception the last update got has made us realize the best way to approach the future of the game: since development on it is more staggered than your usual VN, we’ve decided to tackle it on a per route basis. What that means is that next update will follow the example set by Tatsuki’s, and will contain another character’s entire route. The current candidate right now is Juuichi, whose route is in the process of receiving a thorough spit-shine, which includes new additional days! For those who have played his route back then, you might remember a lot of his route happens in a short few days, with a big timeskip in the middle. We’ve decided to add a little extra content so all those vacation days aren’t wasted.

On the art side, Devilizer hopes to have at least two new characters ready by next update, bringing us closer to the entire cast being redone, so there won’t be any jarring sprite differences. Once everyone’s properly overhauled, there’s a good chance CGs will be next on the chopping block. Expect the unexpected, as we want to shine some light on special moments that never got any CGs in the past.

Finally, to make sure we keep things moving behind the scenes, we’re in the process of adding a new writer to our team. Right now, Kounosuke and Kyouji’s routes have been completely (re)written, and we’re coding them in slowly. If all goes well, our potential new writer will take care of Kouya’s route, which is entirely outlined. Soutarou and Shun are also actively being written, being close to halfway done each.

And of course, our dear birthday boy, Torahiko, is still in the process of being written and outlined. The tiger has a lot of expectations on his shoulders, and we don’t want to disappoint!

Anyway, thank you guys, whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or have just joined us in recent months, it’s been quite the experience working on this project. We’re doing everything we can to deliver it in the best state possible, as soon as we humanly can. We’d rather not give dates or potential deadlines we could miss, but stay tuned! We’ll be back with more news from Minasato soon,


Dzahn & Dev

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Excited for all of them the little changes in each character is what made this project pop even more than the OG

I hope next update comes with next year would be good 😊 and awesome 👏 

Whens the next update???

just wow very wow indeed 

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What about Kouya's route? I just finished what there was of Tora's route. I'm just curious because I didn't see him mentioned. 

Nevermind I reread the post and seen. SOWWY


havent played this in 5 months and suddenly i read tatsukis route is done???? UH HELL YEA?

Deleted 1 year ago

I notice that Shin was not mentioned in the writing part, and I'm speculating it's because his original story was great and doesn't need much rewriting. Nonetheless, glad to hear there's stuff coming soon. Stay safe, and many thanks


"The tiger has a lot of expectations on his shoulders, and we don’t want to disappoint", Saving the best for last ey, best tiger boy <333


glad to hear Kounosuke's route is being rewritten, he was cute and all but his route in the original game was... utterly lukewarm.

YEAY I likeeee the storryy keeep them going ! :3

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Always good to hear from you and your updates guys❤️, doing an amazing job! I have a question for Kounosuke’s route (which I’m amazed by how much he was improved from his original version), being previously the first route planned; will his route be moved after all the characters whose route on the revisited version where already done? Or will he get 1-2 days each update like he has gotten so far? Thanks for the time to read the comments and I wish a good day for you all! :D

One of the things I kinda hate of the original is how different the CGs are compared to the sprites. It doesn't need to be the same, the sprites usually have more quality, but when the artist style is absurdly different from one set of art styles to the other it became quite jarring to look at them. 

I'm not oposed to you all using what works on the original, I would like to see certain routes getting more love compared to the original, for example Kouya's route is one of the most simple ones since it was one of the first finished ones. If you're going to add three endings for other routes, just do it for all of them XD.

I can't wait to see the entire cast with the new art style though. Good work guys. 


Torahiko and Kouya are my favorite and cant wait for future updates, take as much time as you need and as always please take care of yourselves and stay save <3


can't wait for juuichi TT, keep up the good work team! 


New content for Juuichi?! Sweet!

Cool Husky, Nerd Wolf, and Hyper Tiger, all on my to do list!  When each is done I shall go forth once again for each!


Can't wait for torahiko😘


Excellent 😎.