Homecoming Build 10 Now Available!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since last update, I hope this one was worth the wait!

This time, we have managed to port over the entire Revisited route for Tatsuki! Of course, with a few modifications here and there to accommodate the change in tone seen in the rest of the Homecoming project, but as of Build 10 Homecoming now finally has its first official route end! For all you Tatsuki fans, give it a try and tell us what you think! For others who are on the fence about the character, I still encourage you to give it a try. Our big green lug might actually surprise you, hehe…

I know last update I said we would be focusing on coding in Kounosuke’s route, and that has seen a few extra days of progress as well. It was pointed out to me by my team, however, that it makes no sense to sit on the Revisited routes for so long when all they’re really needing is to be ported over to the Homecoming project. After thinking about it, I agreed with them. For the next update, I am hoping to have both Juuichi and Shin’s routes fully ported over along with a few more days into Kounosuke’s brand new Homecoming route that we’ve written from scratch.

Besides the writing, we’ve also got a new revamped sprite set for everyone’s favorite bear, Juuichi! We’re particularly proud of how this one came out, as we feel it does a lot of justice to the original sprite while still allowing elements of Dev’s personal style to shine through.

As with all the rest of the revamped sprites, please note that these are just the base poses so far. The other poses and expressions are a long term work in progress, as each individual pose is essentially a new sprite. These do take a lot of time, so thank you for being patient with us!

Finally, I took the opportunity to finally implement some long...err, requested features! I know there’s a large swath of the Morenatsu fanbase that has found it difficult to get into Homecoming without the ability to play as a human Hiroyuki. Well, over the past few months I set out to see if it would be possible for me to alter the writing so that it can allow the player to have their preference of either Snow Fox or Human species for the protagonist. As of Build 10, I have succeeded in this endeavor, and now you can change your preferred species in the Preferences menu. (This was a big undertaking, hehe! Don’t say I never gave you anything uwu’ )

I also went in and added the same option to select between the “painted” and “blurred” styles for the backgrounds that we have in our other project, Santa Lucia. Some players have noted that the painted style sometimes gives them motion sickness, so hopefully this option can help alleviate those issues!

The last thing I want to say in regards to these switches is that they’re more than likely the last additions we’ll be making to the Preferences menu. Now, since I know these are going to pop up, especially since we’ve had a contingent of players hounding us about them from all the way back in 2018, I’m going to set the record straight on the following topics:

+ Do not ask us for a toggle to switch off sprites for female characters. This will never happen. End of discussion.

+ Do not ask us for a toggle to switch in the original game’s sprites, Cgs, or music. This will never happen. End of discussion.

I know most of you aren’t going to have a problem with these, but I can’t stress enough how annoying it has been to deal with these kinds of demands over the years.

Homecoming is a fan project, we are not the original team. Anyone who is trying to treat us as a surrogate for them is barking up the wrong tree. The original game is still available to be experienced in all its glory, we aren’t taking anything away from that. Your memories are still exactly what they are, and if for whatever reason you believe we have tarnished them, then I’m sorry but you have much bigger problems to deal with in your life than what some group of nobodies are doing with their free time.

Phew, it’s nice to finally get that off my chest! Hope that wasn’t too off-putting to the rest of you guys!


Thank you all for playing Homecoming! I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you this build!



Build 10 Notes:

+ Tatsuki route expanded!

+ August 16th - August 31st

+ That's right, the full route is added! There are two endings! Have fun!

+ Kounosuke route expanded!

+ August 18th

+ August 19th

+ New sprite for Juuichi!

+ The timed prompt to enter the Juuichi Firefly event is now more forgiving.

+ Character associated text colors have returned! Now when a main character speaks, the text will be a light shade of their motif color.

+ New Preference Options!

+ BGs can now be in either "Painted" or "Blurred" styles.

+ By popular ~~request~~ demand! Hiroyuki's species can be toggled between "Snow Fox" and "Human".
(Note this only changes Hiroyuki and his family. All other characters will remain anthro even if they were humans in the original game.)
(Also note, the story might not work as well with Hiro as a human. Homecoming was written assuming the character is an anthro, so certain scenes might not read as intended.)

Get Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~


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It's been so long time to see what I missed after 8 months. 


I might just be a number for you but I just want to say thank you.

The old version of the game evades me, but yours works well.

While I'm sad my favorites aren't finished yet, I'm ecstatic with the game design choices, fleshed out lore, more "branching linear" method of story telling, and the amount of nostalgia you've added.

I don't care if I'm straight. You brought back 9 of my best friends back to me. I've been away from Minasato for 5+ years, and it's great coming back home


Hi! First, I’d like to say you’re more than a number.

Second, I want to thank you for your very kind words. They’ve touched not just me, but everyone on the team. We really appreciate that you enjoy what we’ve done so much and hope to continue to let you experience nostalgia for our 9 wonderful friends.

Welcome home. :)


I've just finished Shin's route in "Revisited" and I can hardly believe what a masterpiece it is. I look forward to finally getting some sleep then diging into Tatsuki's story. yay!

I like to say i'm glad you guys add option to change Hiroyuki between Fox and Human so everyone can choice what they like .

Now  i just have to wait for Torahiko Route to be release hopefully it didn't take long to finally see his happy ending , another thing i hope to see it is some change about Hiroyuki by day August 31 in Torahiko Route , i don't expect to actully happen here but i always has some hope someone make it happen .

There's an old version of morenatsu where Tora has a route but it's not finished

you talk about english Translation of Torahiko japanese fan-made or Morenastu rewritten ?

I have both but both them are not finish yet

I love how the project is going on so far. There is a big difference to the original game which gives this one more flavor since the days are longer and is able to almost all of the events at once instead of one event per day in the original game. It's pretty sick and can't wait to see more, I'm currently doing Tora's route but will definitely will be doing Tatsuki's route on my free time. Can't wait to see more and Cya on the next update on this project and the other one. (Not trying to be rude about the original game, I do love it but it's like the development team had said it's a fan project not going by the same by the exact paper, It's a different experience)

I would like to say that you guys did a perfect job in completing Tatsuki’s route. I have seen the original route and for sure this one brings a better closure to the route compared to the original. Tatsuki’s problem was better taken with being a problem and a friend, having to worry about it instead of just being part of his life.

Also, he is a bit less horny, but still he asks for it first instead of forcing Hiroyuki into it. And I did not expect Hiroyuki’s to change on one of the scenes. Furthermore, the ending was a better one in my opinion. Bringing a good memory and a heart fell moment with the both of them. I was enjoying a bit more of this story of his. I hope you guys can bring a better ending with Torahiko, I guess he is the more affected in these relationships compared to the others.

Also, I’m wondering what will happen on Kounosuke’s route once it is done. Likewise, I wonder about Juuichi’s route, and shin’s route. Both of them had an interesting one in the original. Still, I hope these routes get a better closure.

We’re you able to figure out how to get both endings, and how were you able to get the 18+ scene?

when will kouya's route be finished

Wow, awesome changes guys!

Now give us back naughty sprites and I'll build a little altar in your honor.


First of all: Why would anyone want to switch off female characters' sprites? I mean, it's okay if you're gay but I don't remember the original nor this game shoving a nude female on your face, so please, be gay - not a jerk. Thank you so much.

Another thing: There is the revisited project, why in the hell would you want to play this game with the original sprites? First of all, using those sprites could cause a lot of trouble and I don't want to think of what legal issues would rise with it either. 

About the changes: I love it. Depending on how your script works, it's easier to change certain descriptions for human/fox if the game has a tag for it to be changed, of course, if a project is not done with this in mind, it's very boring job to do. And long too.

I will say this though: I'm split between happy and not so happy about the porting for the routes of the Revisited script, first because there is some elements on the original story that is hard to pass by, but second, because I was expecting certain routes to be re-done, such as Kouya for example, and Shin too. Kouya because his character story is very good but his route since it was one of the first they've done in the original game, is not as complex or huge to play with. 

But I'm also kinda happy because if you guys feel you just need to port the original scripts here, it means this game will be finished faster, right?

I still wish you guys do write some new things and change a few aspects of some of the original routes because, in the end, I am here for the nostalgia but also for the new content too. If I want to just revisit the old routes I could do it on the original game, right? So yeah, I hope you guys do change a few things, but if not, it's fine too, after all, I'll be enjoying the end content anyways. Just don't go canceling this project before releasing the routes that we never received in the original game, please. 


Thanks for the extended feedback!

Just a couple points to note, we still do make some changes when porting from Revisited to Homecoming, it's not a straight copy/paste, and Revisited itself was a fairly major rewrite of the original text, so there's quite a few changes already present there (like Tatsuki's alcoholism being a challenge to overcome for him instead of a quirky trait).

As for the future routes, some of them *are* getting rewritten, but not all. Kouya, Shun and Kounosuke are all getting rewritten entirely, as we felt the others were strong enough to stand on their own with only tweaks and minor rewrites here and there to the actual story.

Just a few point I wanted to iron out, but we're grateful of everyone's feedback hehe

- Dev


I like the route of Tatsuki, but where are the nsfw cg scenes with Tatsuki?


The CGs will be added later on, I haven't had the time to work on them yet unfortunately.
- Dev

Thanks for the answer.

I be waiting with pleasure the CGs.

(1 edit)

Massive props for all the work you’ve done! The human option is a huge plus for me, but even for the people who don’t want to play as a human, I can assure you that everyone is thankful you’ve taken the community’s requests into consideration, truly commendable!

Thank you so much for your hard work. I just love this game and it feels good can play this wonderful game again.

hell yea, been waiting to hear about this lovely piece again. Can't wait for my boy Shin to get some lovin


That Hiroyuki toggle wasn't something I expected but is something I appreciate the hell out of!

Wait there are two complete endings?


Thank you for making the human aspect a option, not alot of VN's do this and honestly should despite being a furry based story due to a majority of them are non-linear.

I can't believe I almost missed this update... But here I am.

I love Santa Lucia's (especially) background artstyle so much! Not only is the artist, Devilizer I presume, a professional, those many swirls add a lot of uniqueness not seen in many FVNs. I highly recommend playing Santa Lucia for the backgrounds alone.

Absolutely not, you have many reasons to be upset about people asking for stuff that doesn't shake their worldview.


awesome update y’all. But I’m still looking forward to seeing what y’all have in store for the birthday boy;). I hope it’s a special for torahiko.

"Do not ask us for a toggle to switch in the original game’s sprites, Cgs, or music. This will never happen. End of discussion."

So this means for the NSFW CG's you will use the original ones, new Santa Lucia styled ones, or the ones from Revisited?


We're making completely new ones, similarly styled to Santa Lucia. We won't be having any of the OG assets.

(1 edit)

Wonderful! I have full faith they will look great! Keep up the amazing work!

EDIT: Will you add SFW CGs? I mean beyond the planned group photo CG at the start of the game? I think it would be a nice addition to the routes if it is possible for them to have both SFW and NSFW CGs.

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