Demo 5 Notes

Hey, Homecoming fans! 

Whoo! It's been quite some time since the last demo was released, and a lot has happened since.

With this demo, Act 1 has now come to its completion. While sprites haven't really seen much work due to some real life matters for Devilizer, I have made quite a few UI adjustments.

No surprise, but old saves are incompatible. Any attempts at using an old save may cause issues, due to there being missing data. Also, the Android build should work on ALL Android devices. At least, that's what Ren'Py said. xP

Many apologies for the lengthy delays, but I wanted Demo 5 to be the release that saw the finalization of Act 1.


+++++ Downloads +++++

+++++ Change Log +++++

+ UI Overhaul

+ New content:     

     + Alternate meeting at Kazenari soccer game - Meeting Sayu on Day 2 is a prerequisite (Day 6)

     + Kyouji and Soutarou events at the afterparty (Day 7)

     + Test of Courage Followup (Day 7)

     + A certain event at Tatsuki's House (Day 7)

     + Phone call to set up the beach visit (Day 7)

     + A new track has been added to the game.

+ A few quality of life changes.


+++++ Bug Report +++++

Please report any typos, coding errors, and weird, unexpected sprite behavior! We do try to squash what bugs we find, but some manage to sneak by us.

+++++ Cool Links +++++

Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~ Discord Server:

Homecoming Soundtrack Playlist (assorted):

+++++ Our Pages +++++

DzahnDragon (Studio Director):

Devilizer (Art Director):

Lesli-Chu!? (Composer):

Frostclaw (Homecoming Director):

HypoNova (Staff Artist and Musician):


Homecoming (Demo 5) - Windows & Linux 368 MB
Dec 05, 2019
Homecoming (Demo 5) - Mac 350 MB
Dec 05, 2019
Homecoming (Demo 5) - Android 375 MB
Dec 05, 2019

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I've play this game and i love it so much, your work is awesome, i'm waiting for more :)

I wonder what the "Secret" is ... hmmmmmm??

Incrível. (Amazing)

This game is finish?


No, it’s nowhere near finished. Only act 1 is complete, and the game is split into 4 acts, each comprised of several days.

I'm really liking the game so far thanks

Will we see a full Ten route?


No, Ten will not be receiving a route, but I will be recycling things from the route I wrote for him back in Revisited.


Nooooooo¡¡¡¡¡ The Ten route, it's a great one¡¡¡¡ please add it again¡¡¡¡¡ Also I suggest to add a side route for Keisuke, that horseman really has a crush for de MC.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Let them finish the base game first, then they can decide for more routes if they want to.