Homecoming Build 7 Now Available!

Hi everyone. I hope things have been going well.

This update promises to be a big one. First and foremost, I would like to announce that I have passed the Director's torch back to Dzahn, and have taken the mantle of Assistant Director. This is due to multiple reasons:

* The health issues I'd been experiencing which, while currently nonexistent, had caused me to fall behind on the work I wanted to do.

* I've recently started a brand new job that will be taking up a lot of my free time.

* Technical issues which I have had in the past.

* Due to being Australian, my timezone conflicts greatly with everyone else on the team, which often leads to not being able to communicate as effectively.

This does not mean that I won't be working on Homecoming. Far from it. I still have an active role, especially as far as writing and coding adjustments go, as well as compiling the iOS build. Dzahn and I will be corresponding and sorting out a way to streamline the development process between the two of us, but as it stands, the project moved along a lot better when he was in charge, especially when the aforementioned reasons are taken into consideration.

I will still continue to make social media posts, but as far as what we've accomplished this time around, I'll leave it to Dzahn to explain. Be advised, it's a doozy!

Thank you so much for your support and understanding, and I hope you continue to enjoy Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~.



Heya guys, long time no see!

Hoo boy we’ve got some big changes to announce for Homecoming! First off, directorship of the project has passed from Frostclaw back to me, so things might be slightly different now from what you’re used to.

Second, now that our artists have had time to level up their skills over the years, we’re finally comfortable enough to do a full sprite revamp for the game. Of course, since all this takes a lot of time, we’re gonna be doing them in waves, so please be patient! The game may look fairly uneven for quite some time before everyone has had a chance to get a revamp.

First on the list is none other than today’s birthday boy, Torahiko! We’ve heard your critiques about his appearance in Homecoming so far, so the big thing we decided to do for his new sprite is to find a halfway point between what we envisioned for the character and what the original team had for him. We’re really proud of how he turned out and hope you all can find something you like in him now as well!

We’ve also began work on some of the side character sprites. For the first wave of sprite revamps, we have added in Ten from Juuichi’s route and Mr. Kuri, Kounosuke’s father. We’re looking to have at least one returning side character and one new Homecoming side character added in each upcoming build. Hopefully this means there will be less sketches and placeholder silhouettes throughout the game in the future!

Lastly, I want to give you guys an overview of the plan I have for the writing going forward. We’re approaching the last day of Minasato exploration before the crew goes camping and the inevitable route split. Once we have finished the camping trip, the game will focus entirely on individual characters one at a time.

Great news is that over the course of development of Homecoming, Lesli-Chu has been hard at work writing two of our Homecoming exclusive routes. Kounosuke’s new route is completely finished, and Kyouji’s route is on the last few days that need to be written. We also have the three routes that were already finished in the previous version of this game, Revisited, which are Tatsuki, Juuichi, and Shin.

That means as soon as we reach the end of the camping trip, we’ll be able to blast through the coding for at least five routes! I plan to tackle them in the following order:

Kounosuke, Juuichi, Tatsuki, Shin, Kyouji

I can’t wait to finally see the Homecoming project reach its potential! Thank you all so much for sticking around with us through thick and thin! It really means a lot to all of us here at Stormsinger that you have supported us all this time!



Build 7 Notes:

+ Made a tweak to the code base that should result in less broken saves.

Players shouldn't have to restart the game with every new build anymore.

Please report any issues you have if you continue from an old save! This tweak may not have covered everything!

+ 90% of August 12th added (only missing an event for Tatsuki and Shun which will be in Build 8 instead)

+ Streamlined "First Time Setup" experience

+ Changed how the CTC icon is displayed

+ General gamewide text polish

+ Textbox faces temporarily disabled

Beginning stages of sprite revamp:

+ Existing sprites adjusted to be bigger

+ New sprite for Torahiko

+ New sprite for Kounosuke's dad

+ New sprite for Ten

Expected sprites for next wave:

+ Kounosuke

+ Kouya

+ Takeshi Ooshima

+ Mr. Aichi

Get Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~


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Don't know if anyone has that problem, but when you boot up the game there's a chance you'll first see the English option, indicating that all read dialogue is reverted back to the "haven't read" state and all unlocked music became locked again. Though it didn't affect my progress in my saves. Also, whenever that happens you see the speaking character's portrait in the dialogue box in the current session. They don't appear in other times.

Can anyone look into it?


Glad to see an update to the project.

As for the sprite change, for my personal tastes, I must admit that I am not truly sold on the new Tora. I got so used to the one you made originally for Homecoming. Made your project stand out for me and lure me in cause it looked new and unique. Now he's like the old Tora but refined I suppose. Great for the old fans of course! Not for me who has no nostalgia for the OG.

Also, the sprites being cut off at the waist is a shame. I read the official statement of why it was done, and as much as I understand the reasoning behind it, I still don't like it. But it is what it is I suppose.


Well, I did like Tora's previous version but if you guys felt he needed a redesign I'm fine by it.

It seems Kouya will have new sprites too, so let's hope he actually looks like a character this time around, I do enjoy his route even if it's on the simple side. 

I'm glad you guys continue with this project, so thank y'all for your hard work. 


Great to see another update on this game ❤

...the only problem I have with Tora's new sprites is that sometimes it seems like he is not really looking at you or something. I think it's related to the position of the eyes... in the sprites where he only has one eye open it looks... weird. And in the ones where he has both open he looks a little... cross eyed.


yeah i got what you mean... i think its his left eye thats been positioned a little off i guess?... i did a change in his image, just using paint, pretty crappy btw hahaha idk much about editing softwares .-. but just to see how he would look with his left eye position changed a little bit to where i guess it would feel a little more natural, maybe? it seemed to me that he looked a little bit more as like in not having this feeling of being a liitle off or a little cross eyed... but idk... i still really liked his change, hes awesome <3

below is the image i was talking about if you wanna see and compare......

Idk if it's better. I just think there should be a tinny tinny bit of white in the other side of the iris... otherwise its almost like he is looking at something in his nose...

I tried my crappy skills of photoshop too xDD but I think more or less solves the problem.


well... idk... maybe?  haha though the original sprite for tora in the orig morenatsu also has his eyes like that and it looks fine imo... but idk it looks just fine i think now how it is anyway... just hope the devs arent mad at our display of (un)skills andt editing their drawings hahahahaha

We tried xDDD

what about Torahiko route?


Don't worry. He and most of the others (except Tatsuki and Shin) have day 12 added. The other two will have a day 12 event on the next update, as said above in Build 7 Notes ⬆️

thank you 😊

great update , but just one thing I did not understand , do you censor nudity ?


(I posted this on the main page, but I'll post it here in reply to you as it's related so more people can see it!)

Hey there!

While we've indeed cut the sprites off at waist-level, this wasn't done in a move to get rid of the NSFW content, but simply for practicality's sake, as it made some of the smaller character barely peek through the dialogue box. Resizing them would have and having them keep everything below waist-level made some of them look freakishly large, so we've decided to follow in OG Morenatsu's footsteps, and cut them at the waist.

Thank you all for understanding, - Devilizer

ok thanks for answering, what a pity you left it that way, i liked the old way,but apart from that the project is amazing


I'm very glad to see the update to our birthday boy! My man and I loved his original design so much we were both completely thrown off seeing his... new look. It's nice to see a compromise for our favorite tiger boi!



I am extremely excited for the future of the game ! New sprites look great and it seems like there will be a lot of new content in the future, which is fantastic news.

I love the writing in this game and it will be great to reread old stuff and enjoy new walls of good text.

Btw, thanks for working on this project, I fookin love it ❤❤❤

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Love the new sprites, but I also loved the fact that you could see some peen in the old ones. Overall, very excited to continue the story!