"Santa Lucia" Build 1 Now Available!

Heya everyone! The first build of Santa Lucia is finally available for download! You can support the project's further development on Patreon:

We're so excited to finally get this out to the public! The game has approximately 2 hours worth of content to explore depending on how quick you read. It has versions available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, so most players should have the game in their preferred format. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the project so far!

If you'd like a more direct line to us, we're usually active on our public Discord server:




Santa Lucia (Build 1) - Windows & Linux 137 MB
Oct 03, 2019
Santa Lucia (Build 1) - Mac 120 MB
Oct 03, 2019
Santa Lucia (Build 1) - Android 140 MB
Oct 03, 2019

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So far so good :P Russel is the most intriguing one for me :D Can't wait to see more ^_^ 

Thank you! I'm really proud of how Russell turned out, hehe!