"Santa Lucia" Build 26 Now Available!

Hey guys,

Dev here, this time writing from America!

As some of you might already be aware, I took at trip to the US to visit Dzahn, and as such our workflow was impacted a bit (as you can imagine). We still were able to pull off a fairly lengthy update for this month, including some pretty interesting scenes with our local nerd Chris.

I wasn’t able to do too much art while setting up shop over here on this side of the ocean, but I was able to give new outfits to Shay, Karina and Chris (whose wardrobe keep getting bigger and bigger!) as well as a few small updates to their sprites. Some of you might notice, others might not, but it’s all good stuff, or at least I’d like to think it is, hehe.

Now that I’m done setting up, I should be able to get back into the groove of things for the next update cycle. I’m looking forward to seeing you all next month!



Build 26 Notes:

Bryan route expanded!

+ September 28th

+ September 29th

+ New outfit for Chris

+ New outfit for Karina

+ New outfit for Shay

+ 1 new song added

+ Beginning stages of Chapter Select rework

(The descriptions are a work in progress, please be patient!)

If you're interested in checking out next month's build early, please consider supporting us! Every little bit helps!


If you'd like a more direct line to us, we're usually active on our public Discord server: 


We hope you enjoy the build!  

~ Dzahn & Dev

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I love this setting and the writing, I'm really glad to get Brian content but I am so thirsty for Carlos it's not even funny...