About Russell

I really wish I didn't have do this, but this is getting out of hand.

I am going to clear the air when it comes to Russell:

Russell is not a rapist. He is a victim of false accusation.

There have been several instances now of people either not understanding this concept or are maliciously misrepresenting it to make me look bad.

Here is my final stance on the topic.

I am not a "rape apologist".

If you are not able to handle a mature exploration of the topic of rape and false accusations (or any of the assortment of heavy themes I'm covering, for that matter), then you have no business reading Santa Lucia.

Thank you for your time.


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Not gonna lie, I thought he may have actually done it but I also thought if he did no one gives him more shit about it than himself.

The fact that a post had to be made is sad in general. When I was playing the VN I was left in suspense about the truth. More so the fact is that as a character we barely even know Russel, and therefore cannot come to an in-depth analysis of his personality or ethical standing. It's like being told a certain book is bad because of what is on the cover and not the content within. The one thing that I can say with certainty is that foreshadowing or subtlety is most likely not a common nor well-understood skill by those who have made quite the ruckus.

Keep up the good work, and I hope everything works out for you Dzahn.


It is not even funny. The context is very clean. I cannot even call it a subtext, because it is very in our face. What the heck!? 

When I see this kind of things happening I begin to think people have any consideration for the wellbeing of the people affected.

In fact, I have been working incognito on my own VN for some time because it deals with some heavy stuff and I'm afraid to be caught in a sh*tstorm.

That's... Wow, that's the worst faith possible reading of both the text and the author intent.


Haaaa while it's sad that it had to be clarified at least hopefully this will clear the air


Hwo tf, misinterpretated this shitm??? It was clear as water that he was falsly accused, and the fact that people started to go nuts bc of their shitty understanding of a freaking story is horrible... What is wrong with people lmao, i'm not even English native and i got it... 

And the worst is that the author had to be forced """"spoil"""" Russel's story is disgusting... 


You could see from space that this was gonna go into a FALSE rape accusation. But since it is taboo to touch such subject. People wanna pretend as if such thing never happens.  When you can find many cases, people have had their life ruined, some even gone to jail.  Over false accusations.  Whats worst, the accuser rarely get any punishment or minimal if any. 

And people would attack and condemn like crazy without knowing the story.  And when things comes to light.  Must of them won't even apologize or acknowledge that they were wrong. Just act like nothing ever happened or that it was somehow still the persons fault. Ignoring the fact that they wanted blood from an innocent person. 

As someone who is aware of false accusation been a thing.  It did broke my heart that I wasn't given a better option to deal with it on the game. I'm looking forward for how things develop. And help others understand that they shouldn't pass judgment so easily.  

Anyway, liking you work so far. Glad you are touching such subjects.  And I'm sorry you have to deal with this kind a shit because some people are too blinded by their stupidity. 

(Oh!  First time I ever comment on itch. :D  I just couldn't keep it to myself.)


Crazy.  The game contains adult themes...  Whilst I highly doubted Russell was guilty of said heinous act, either someone else was OR it was a lie / rumour-mongering.  If the latter, it would be somewhat funny as it would be kinda the same thing as the idiots accusing you of being a rape-apologist.  Well, I say funny but due to the subject matter I suppose more sad?


People were really calling you a "rape apologist"? Disgusting. Those people are mentally ill and need psychological help.


tbh though what if he was? it's really wouldn't have changed much about the story potential? I was actually waiting for the story to actually confirmed which one it is. either we get a story about an abuser who expertly hides behind a mask and successfully manipulated the audience or a victim of injustice that gets blamed because of society toxic conception of " guilty until proven innocent "


I honestly wasn’t expecting that people thought that about him…I don’t mean to sound like I’m disappointed with the idea, but considering how often they were alone in the story, there were so many opportunities for stuff to take place. He was just a charismatic dude who took a liking to Ben, and once people learned about that, they abandon all common sense and jump to conclusions. And the game’s story isn’t nearly developed enough on that topic to even make theories on it. Sorry you had to deal with all that crap…people are weird


To be expected. SJW idiots always do this, they are incapable of enjoying escapism (to them escapism doesn't exist) and exploring themes without getting offended or finding something "problematic."


really got mad about something they dont even know the full story about like atleast wait before getting mad 


To reach that breaking point geez, but always remember that despite that few shit talkers being extremely vocal and noisy, the majority of us understands and love your narrative so dont let them affect you.


It was pretty obvious imo, but it's unfortunate that it'd need to be pointed out.
I'll assume that there's a certain demographic playing Santa Lucia that would come to that conclusion, just as they immediately believe any callout post they see in any sort of social media without making any effort to confirm it, it's so much easier (and apparently enjoyable) to point fingers that way. It's gross.


I wonder if anyone who was thinking he did it without a shadow of a doubt actually read anything in the game considering by the point Ben starts to believe he was doing it he's clearly beginning to get a worse mental state which could contribute to his thoughts on the scenario 

It's almost as if sometimes the character you're in control in of a VN can be wrong and are their own person, or something 


They could be at any point of the story. Could have even quit right after his "dark past" was revealed.

"It's almost as if sometimes the character you're in control in of a VN can be wrong and are their own person, or something"

This trips me every time though. Because a lot of times authors use MC as the way to portray facts or it's a self insert. So the rare time the mc is wrong, you end up being completely fooled.


I figured that was the case.


I kinda wish whether what he did was the truth or not would stay unclear until we get more plot since that spoils his story a bunch for me. It gives the reader a huge moral dilemma. 


Okay, I get it and I respect it, I think people have been partially baffled because in some ways Russell is the most magnetic as a character, very attractive, for me he was the most beautiful of all characters... from a physical point of view. But okay, okay... there were also characters that were just as attractive that didn’t fit in as well as the other tutor who’s a black panther that I don’t remember the name now. Quiet lets run even if you will break some heart, the story is yours :D and so far it is very nice


I bet twitter did this didnt they ... Yikes

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